November 20, 2018

Which is the most difficult part of the exam?

For those about to take the exam, what was the most difficult part of the exam for you to pass?  Based on that, which section do you feel is best to take first?  In one way, I'd like to take the easiest part of the exam first as a confidence-builder, but I've heard that is not the best thing to do.


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Grant Thornton and the Antichrist

al pacino_devil.jpgIt’s rather mysterious that the New York office of Grant Thornton is located at 666 Third Ave. As I’m sure our more pious readers know, the significance of the 666 is commonly known as “The Number of the Beast“. We won’t get into any more specifics than that other than to mention that it is a pretty creepy-ass looking number.
Is G to the T run by a secret group of Al Pacino-esque figures that are working against the forces of good?
Maybe not but the otherwise boring-assness of that particular lobby is def working too hard to not be noticed…