(UPDATE) Promotion Watch ’13: New PwC Partners

~ UPDATE: Full list of new partners included on third page.
Partner promotion season is hitting its stride, people. After learning of Ernst & Young’s new class in the Americas last week, we’re happy to report that PwC’s class was announced internally on Friday, with public announcements being left up to the local offices. Boston, North Texas, and the Pacific Northwest have all issued press releases so far. 
We’re not patient enough to wait for the rest of the offices to catch up, so we asked around and luckily a trusted source was willing to provide us with the list of new assurance partners and principals. You can see it on the next page.
While it remains to be seen what the dynamics of the other practices are, it's worth noting that as far as assurance goes, the number of new women partners is in the area of 28%. By my count, there are 16 women listed (gender-neutral names going for the gents) out of the 56 total. That's slightly lower than the total class last year that saw a full third of the new partners being women. The 56 new partners in the audit practice is slightly lower than last year's count of 67.
We’re still trying to dig up the tax and advisory lists, so if you can, pass them along and we'll keep you updated. UPDATE: See the full list on page 3. And congratulations to all the new partners and principals at PwC.
Here’s the message from assurance leader Tim Ryan and the list of new partners. An asterisk denotes the person as a principal. UPDATE: See the full list on the next page.
Please join me in congratulating the 56 new partners listed below to our Assurance practice! These individuals have demonstrated their commitment to the firm through the quality and excellence of their work, leadership, and dedication, and it's an honor to congratulate them on this accomplishment. Throughout their careers, this talented group of men and women have made quality their top priority, consistently lived the firm behaviors, and delivered the PwC Experience to their teammates on a daily basis — our successes in Assurance and across the firm are a testament to their many remarkable contributions. Please visit this Spark site to learn more about our new partners (both in Assurance and across the firm), see their photos and link to their profiles. Again, congratulations to our new partners on achieving this career milestone — and my thanks to all of you who have helped them along the way! 
 Name  Business Unit/Vertical  Office as of July 1 
 Chuck Bolliger Jr.  CIPS / Industrial Products  Charlotte 
 Olivier Bouwer  TICE / EMC  McLean 
 Steve Brown  FS / Insurance  New York 
 Will Cobb  HI / Provider  Dallas 
 Emmet Daly*  RA / Process Assurance – FS  New York 
 Kristin D'Ambrosio  RA / Internal Audit – FS  Boston 
 Mike Deseno  CIPS / Industrial Products  Florham Park 
 Mandy Dhillon  TICE / Technology  San Jose 
 Paul Dickinson  RA / Process Assurance – TICE  Bangalore, India 
 Elizabeth Diep  FS / Asset Management  New York 
 C.J. Finn  CIPS / Automotive  Detroit 
 Zoe Funk  FS / Asset Management  New York 
 George Galindo  RA / Process Assurance – CIPS  Dallas 
 Jenn Gaudet  FS / Asset Management  Boston 
 Rob Glasgow  TICE / EMC  Florham Park 
 Mike Guveiyian  FS / Asset Management  San Francisco 
 Scott Hammond  HI / Provider  Birmingham 
 John Hayes  HI / PLS  Florham Park 
 Bryan Heft  FS-BAS / BCM  Columbus 
 Jeff Hemman  HI / PLS  Boston 
 Lisa Heskett  CIPS / Industrial Products  Atlanta 
 Javier Irizarry  CIPS / Industrial Products  San Juan, Puerto Rico 
 Chris Irwin  NQO  Florham Park 
 Alan Jones  TS  San Francisco 
 Tom Knox  FS-BAS / BCM  Washington DC 
 Jenn Kosar  RA / Process Assurance – FS  New York 
 Renee Kosofsky  FS / BCM  Frankfurt, Germany 
 Michael Lockerman*  FS-BAS / Insurance  New York 
 Nick Lordi  RA / Process Assurance – HI  Florham Park 
 Steve Maggio  TICE / Technology  Penang, Malaysia 
 Melissa Maher  FS / Asset Management  San Francisco 
 Mike Mignogna  CIPS / Industrial Products  Philadelphia 
 Chad Morrissey*  TS  Chicago 
 Stephen Nesi  FS / BCM  Miami 
 Scott Newman  PCS  McLean 
 Jill Niland  TS  Atlanta 
 Masaru Onoda  PCS  San Francisco 
 Rachael Person Robertson  RA / Internal Audit – CIPS  Melville 
 Alan Pisano  FS / Asset Management  Boston 
 Vartika Prasad  FS / Asset Management  New York 
 Rudy Reyes  FS / Insurance  Mexico City, Mexico 
 David Rice*  FS-BAS / BCM  Cincinnati 
 Liz Robinson  PCS  New York 
 Jeremy Schlee  CIPS / Power and Utilities  Chicago 
 Phil Smayda  TS  Chicago 
 Steve Soehn  CIPS / Retail and Consumer  Chicago 
 Stephanie Stewart (Dambaugh)  NQO  Florham Park 
 Jeremy Sticker  FS / BCM  New York 
 Yana Storms  CIPS / Energy  Houston 
 Chad Tallant  FS / Asset Management  Houston 
 Sean Toohig  FS / BCM  Kansas City 
 Rob Ward  TICE / Technology  San Jose 
 Todd Warren  RA / Process Assurance – CIPS  Atlanta 
 Kollen West  CIPS / Energy  Houston 
 Helena Yoon*  RA / Process Assurance – CIPS  New York 
 Rob Young  TS  Philadelphia 


Here's the full list of new partners at PwC. Please bear with us while we sort out the formatting/data. We'll continue to keep you updated with more info as dig through the details.

 Name  Business Unit/Vertical  Office as of July 1 
 Mike Baltzell  Tax ITP  St. Louis 
 Jeff Barnett  Tax TP  Atlanta 
 Julie Baron  Tax IAS  McLean 
 Brian Bernert  Tax SALT  St. Louis 
 Chuck Bolliger Jr.  Assurance CIPS / Industrial Products  Charlotte 
 Olivier Bouwer  Assurance TICE / EMC  McLean 
 Randy Brown  Advisory PSI / XSector  Boston 
 Steve Brown  Assurance FS / Insurance  New York 
 Kevin Caceres  Advisory FS / Insurance  Chicago 
 Tony Caletka  Advisory PSI / XSector  Albany 
 Mac Calva  Tax TP  Boston 
 Jane Allen Carlock  Advisory Forensics / Retail and Consumer  San Francisco 
 Brian Castelli  Advisory Forensics / BCM  New York 
 Marci Castillo  Tax TP  Los Angeles 
 Lynn Chin  Tax FS  New York 
 Alex Coassin  Advisory PSI / XSector  San Francisco 
 Will Cobb  Assurance HI / Provider  Dallas 
 Eric Cohen  Advisory PSI / Industrial Products  New York 
 Emmet Daly  Assurance RA / Process Assurance – FS  New York 
 Kristin D'Ambrosio Assurance  RA / Internal Audit – FS  Boston 
 Brad Danton  Tax SALT  Chicago 
 Gilles de Vignemont  Tax ITS  New York 
 Carla DeSantis  Advisory PSI / Retail and Consumer  Boston 
 Mike Deseno  Assurance CIPS / Industrial Products  Florham Park 
 Mandy Dhillon  Assurance TICE / Technology  San Jose 
 Paul Dickinson  Assurance RA / Process Assurance – TICE  Bangalore, India 
 Elizabeth Diep  Assurance FS / Asset Management  New York 
 David Dietzel  Advisory TS / FDD  New York 
 Scott Dillow  Tax Process Business / Master Limited Partnership  Dallas 
 Nick Donkar  Advisory TS / FDD  Los Angeles 
 Sanjeev Dutta  Advisory PSI / XSector  San Jose 
 Sheryl Eighner  Tax PCS  Chicago 
 Jeff Endress  Tax ITS  Minneapolis 
 Cliff Eng  Advisory PSI / XSector  Chicago 
 Andy Erzar  Tax ITP  Minneapolis 
 Candace Ewell  Tax National Tax Services  Washington DC 
 Lisa Ferraro  Tax FS  Boston 
 C.J. Finn  Assurance CIPS / Automotive  Detroit 
 Brian Fox  Advisory Forensics / Retail and Consumer  New York 
 Zoe Funk  Assurance FS / Asset Management  New York 
 George Galindo  Assurance RA / Process Assurance – CIPS  Dallas 
 Brad Garrett  Tax ITS  Dallas 
 Jenn Gaudet  Assurance FS / Asset Management  Boston 
 Caleb Gauen  Tax SALT  New York 
 Ben Gill  Advisory HI / PLS  Florham Park 
 Rob Glasgow  Assurance TICE / EMC  Florham Park 
 Michael Gordie  Advisory HI / PLS  Washington DC 
 Sherry Grabow  Tax ITS  Chicago 
 Thomas Groenen  Tax ITS  New York 
 Britt Guerrina  IFS OGC – Global  New York 
 Mike Guveiyian  Assurance FS / Asset Management  San Francisco 
 Scott Hammond  Assurance HI / Provider  Birmingham 
 Kristen Hangen  Tax FS  San Francisco 
 John Hayes  Assurance HI / PLS  Florham Park 
 Bryan Heft  Assurance FS-BAS / BCM  Columbus 
 Rusty Helton  Tax FS  New York 
 Jeff Hemman  Assurance HI / PLS  Boston 
 Lisa Heskett  Assurance CIPS / Industrial Products  Atlanta 
 Paul Hollinger  Advisory PSI / XSector  San Jose 
 Mike Hoody  Advisory PSI / Technology  Denver 
 Christian Iantoni Advisory  FS / XSector  Chicago 
 Rich Inserro  Advisory FS / BCM  New York 
 Javier Irizarry  Assurance CIPS / Industrial Products  San Juan, Puerto Rico 
 Chris Irwin  Assurance NQO  Florham Park 
 Michael Janiszewski  Advisory FS / Asset Management  Chicago 
 Jeff Jaymont  Advisory HI / Payer  Chicago 
 Alan Jones  Assurance TS  San Francisco 
 Hema Kadali  Advisory PSI / XSector  Florham Park 
 Tom Kavanaugh  Advisory FS / Insurance  Chicago 
 Faisal Khan  Advisory FS / XSector  Tokyo, Japan 
 Joe Killian  IFS Finance & Operations  New York 
 Casey Kirkpatrick  Advisory PSI / XSector  Dallas 
 Tom Knox  Assurance FS-BAS / BCM  Washington DC 
 Jenny Koehler  Advisory PSI / Utilities  San Francisco 
 Jenn Kosar  Assurance RA / Process Assurance – FS  New York 
 Renee Kosofsky  Assurance FS / BCM  Frankfurt, Germany 
 Chester Lee  Advisory PSI / Utilities  Washington DC 
 Jim Levinson  Tax SALT  San Diego 
 Eranie Liron  Tax SALT  San Jose 
 Michael Lockerman  Assurance FS-BAS / Insurance  New York 
 Karen LoDico  Tax PCS  Philadelphia 
 Nick Lordi  Assurance RA / Process Assurance – HI  Florham Park 
 John Luce  Advisory PSI / XSector  Chicago 
 Steve Maggio  Assurance TICE / Technology  Penang, Malaysia 
 Melissa Maher  Assurance FS / Asset Management  San Francisco 
 Jim Manley  Tax SALT  Cleveland 
 George Mansour  Advisory HI / Payer  Chicago 
 Jen Mantini  Advisory TS / FDD  Philadelphia 
 Thorne Matteson  Advisory TS / FDD  Cleveland 
 Usman Mazhar  Tax ITS  New York 
 Lynn McGlothin  Tax ITP  San Jose 
 Bryan Melvin  Tax PCS  Houston 
 Mike Mignogna  Assurance CIPS / Industrial Products  Philadelphia 
 Sky Milch  Advisory PSI / XSector  New York 
 Alison Monahan  Tax FS  Los Angeles 
 David Montone  IFS OGC – US  New York 
 Chad Morrissey  Assurance TS  Chicago 
 Meghan Murray  Advisory PSI / XSector  Chicago 
 Don Myers III  Advisory FS / Insurance  Philadelphia 
 Tapan Nagori  Advisory FS / XSector  Chicago 
 Stephen Nesi  Assurance FS / BCM  Miami 
 Scott Newman  Assurance PCS  McLean 
 Jill Niland  Assurance TS  Atlanta 
 VJ Occhino  Tax FS  Boston 
 Kiyoshi Okamoto  Advisory PSI / Technology  San Jose 
 Masaru Onoda  Assurance PCS  San Francisco 
 Shannon O'Shea  Advisory HI / Provider  San Francisco 
 Nikki Parham  Advisory HI / Provider  Dallas 
 Sandee Parrado  Advisory Forensics / Retail and Consumer  New York 
 Rich Paulson  Advisory FS / BCM  St. Louis 
 Amy Peirce  Advisory FS / BCM  San Francisco 
 Rachael Person Robertson  Assurance RA / Internal Audit – CIPS  Melville 
 Paul Phaneuf  Advisory Public / WFP  McLean 
 Alan Pisano  Assurance FS / Asset Management  Boston 
 Gary Pogharian  Tax PCS  Florham Park 
 Mike Pokorski  Advisory PSI / XSector  New York 
 Vartika Prasad  Assurance FS / Asset Management  New York 
 Melissa Ramer  Tax PCS  Atlanta 
 Todd Ranta  Advisory Forensics / Energy  Dallas 
 Rudy Reyes  Assurance FS / Insurance  Mexico City, Mexico 
 Reena Reynolds  Tax SALT / National Tax Services  Chicago 
 David Rice  Assurance FS-BAS / BCM  Cincinnati 
 Brett Ritter  Tax TPDG  McLean 
 Lisa Robenseifner  Advisory Public / WFP  McLean 
 Liz Robinson  Assurance PCS  New York 
 Debasis Sahu  Advisory FS / Asset Management  New York 
 Christopher Scarpati  Advisory FS / BCM  New York 
 Jeremy Schlee  Assurance CIPS / Power and Utilities  Chicago 
 Shannon Schuyler  IFS Corporate Responsibility  Chicago 
 Eric Shin  Tax ITP  New York 
 Darin Siders  Tax M&A  New York 
 Shane Sims  Advisory Forensics / XSector  McLean 
 David Sisko  Advisory FS / BCM  Charlotte 
 Jeremy Skogsbergh  Tax ITS  Seattle 
 Steven Slutsky  Tax GHRS  Philadelphia 
 Phil Smayda  Assurance TS  Chicago 
 Steve Soehn  Assurance CIPS / Retail and Consumer  Chicago 
 Andy Sofield  Advisory HI / Payer  Los Angeles 
 Stephanie Stewart (Dambaugh)  Assurance NQO  Florham Park 
 Jeremy Sticker  Assurance FS / BCM  New York 
 Yana Storms  Assurance CIPS / Energy  Houston 
 Bart Stratton  Tax M&A / National Tax Services  Washington DC 
 Warren Sullivan  Tax ITP  Philadelphia 
 Walter Sun  Advisory PSI / Technology  San Jose 
 John Swadener  Advisory PSI / XSector  Chicago 
 Chad Tallant  Assurance FS / Asset Management  Houston 
 Julie Teahan  Advisory Public / WFP  McLean 
 Sean Toohig  Assurance FS / BCM  Kansas City 
 Rob Ward  Assurance TICE / Technology  San Jose 
 Todd Warren  Assurance RA / Process Assurance – CIPS  Atlanta 
 Kollen West  Assurance CIPS / Energy  Houston 
 Damian Wright  Advisory TS / FDD  New York 
 David Wysocky  Advisory HI / PLS  Florham Park 
 Miho Yokoyama  Tax PCS  Los Angeles 
 Helena Yoon  Assurance RA / Process Assurance – CIPS  New York 
 Rob Young  Assurance TS  Philadelphia 
 Ben Zelinsky  Advisory PSI / XSector  New York 


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