December 10, 2018

Thriveal Has Started an Incubator Just for New Accounting Firms

By now, you've probably heard of Thriveal, Jason Blumer's network of accounting firms that hopes to change the profession with its unconventional ideas. One of the more unconventional things the group has created is the Thriveal Lab — a hub of experimentation for its members, directed by Adrian Simmons — that released its first report earlier this year.

And now, Thriveal has announced the launch of an incubator for accounting entrepreneurs, the first of its kind that we're aware of. Anyone thinking of starting a firm or has started a firm in the past 12 months is eligible to apply. If you're accepted, here's what you can expect:

Participants will be led through an Intensive Strategic Plan Build of their firm in the first 60 days, and will then transition into the execution and related coursework around the Strategic Plan they have built. The Incubator will end with required participation in an online Incubator Community, with graduation scheduled for July of 2016.

Blumer, Ron Baker, Tim Williams and others will serve as mentors to incubator participants. In other words, if you love the billable hour, you probably won't get in. But, hey, you never know.

For anyone who enjoys public accounting but is sick compensation seasons and don't find the current crop of small firms interesting, this might be the ticket to starting a firm. The deadline for applications is this Friday, June 26th.


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