August 15, 2020


This PwC Napping Pod Is the Dumbest Thing We’ve Seen Since Gary Spivey’s Hair

Anyone see the resemblance? View this post on Instagram #WellnessWednesday: Have you stepped away today to unwind + recharge? We recommend a #powernap in a #teampwc EnergyPod. 😴 #bewellworkwell #healthyhabits #wellnessatwork #workwellness #bewell #workwell A post shared by Life at PwC (@lifeatpwc) on Mar 4, 2020 at 1:23pm PST

You Should Take a Nap This Afternoon Because Science

Is it just me or are we most productive after a few beers at 3am? Just me, then, fine.  For most of you, rising at dawn to produce a work product from 9am by way of copious amounts of caffeine is the routine. You then sustain this energy throughout the day (and for some of you, […]