TurboTax Got Hacked Because of Course They Did

In the 21st century there are three things that you just have to deal with: You don’t have any privacy. Your personal information is going to get hacked, and Dick pics are a thing. Ergo, TurboTax getting hacked: not a big deal. A high school student hacking into the DoD’s Defense Threat Redundancy Agency: that […]

Sony Hack Also Leaked Deloitte Salaries, Reveals Gender Gap

We haven’t reported on the Sony hack yet because it has absolutely nothing to do with public accounting. Until today.

It’s Possible Even the Syrian Electronic Army Isn’t a Fan of the CGMA

While the attack on the New York Times this week was inconvient to say the least, it appears the hack also forced the AICPA to reschedule a planned CGMA chat on Twitter. I'm sure all of you were very broken up to hear this news: That gives you a whole 3 day weekend to get […]