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Can Pennsylvania CPA Exam Candidates Take Underwater Basketweaving to Meet the 150 Hour Requirement?

Oh you precocious little CPA exam candidates, I'm so glad to be getting emails from you guys again. I'm serious about that, I was worried for a minute there when y'all got quiet around November that you didn't like me anymore. I'm sensitive, don't let the venom tongue fool you. ANYWAY, today's predicament revolves around […]

What’s The Cheapest/Best Way To Get 150 Credits Online For the CPA?

Ed. note: Want to the be a recipient of Adrienne's verbal flogging? Email us your plight at  Hi GC, I recently passed the CPA exam. Woohoo! Go me! Haha. However I jumped off the college bandwagon rather quickly, with only 122 college credits to my name. That being said, I am looking for the […]