How much can potential employers find out about your Big 4 experience?

Manager @ PwC, have met with recruiters and about to start interviewing with hedge funds. Recruiters ask me some basic questions about my Big 4 experience, like salary, rating, etc, and there are a few things I'm concerned about: I was a 1 this past year (promotion year), but historically have been a 2 or […]

Second Jobs?

Hey, I'm curious to find out if anyone makes cash on the side while working on a consistant basis – whether you disclosed it to your firms or not. A coworker told me they purchase broken laptops online, usually in lots, fixes them and sells them back online. In lieu of going around and asking […]

Too much career movement?

I recently (4 months ago) quit the world of public accounting after working for 3 years in Audit at one of the Big Four. I spent a full year as senior and led an IPO, a first-year audit, and worked on a few quarterly filings. In addition to feeling like I had gotten my B4 […]

How Should I Move Away From Auditing?

It's Monday and someone needs career advice. From the mailbag: I have worked for one of the Big 4 for the past year. I have passed all four of the CPA exams and I am in the midst of the application processes to receive my license. I had a tough year as I was on […]

Big 4 interview question

First time poster here… I've got a concern I'd like a little help on. Quick background information about myself:  I'm 29 and graduated in 2007 with a 3.3 GPA and a BA in Finance from a Big Ten university.  Last fall, I decided to go back to school as a post-bachelor student (non-degree) to pursue […]

Dilemma -> 2 offers. Big 4 Expatriate Tax or Mid-Size Audit

I just recently started working at the Mid-Size firm (only one office) but just got an offer today to go back to the Big 4 firm I had a contract with previously in Expat tax. Mid-Size firm offers a mixture of Compilation/Review/Audit engagements. Big 4 position is in the assignment services practice. Pay is about […]

Partner Compensation

Whenever I am giving advice to a student or someone deciding on a major, the question that is always asked is "how much long-term potential is there? How much do partners make?". I never have the answer for that because I dont know. Do you? How much do partners make in small, medium, and large […]

Why do I get emails from recruiters regarding jobs hundreds of miles away?

This has happened several times in the past but the most recent one really made me scratch my head.  I got an email from a regional firm recruiter asking if I was interested in making a lateral move to a position in a different city.  The email mentioned nothing about relocation, so I'm assuming that […]

Congratulations, Your Job Has Been Arbritrarily Chosen as One of the Most Underrated of 2014

Long hours, repetitive work, lack of sunlight… what's not to love? Job site CareerCast has proclaimed your job as one of the most underrated jobs of 2014. What does that mean? Glad you asked: The most underrated jobs span a variety of different disciplines, but they all share common themes. One such theme is high […]

Experienced but Entry Level

I'm reaching out to you for some clammy love. I graduated undergraduate 4 years ago with 3.3 GPA. While I received an offer at a local 2 partner firm as a tax associate in SE region, 6 of my friends received offers from Big 4 firms. I left after 2 years and went private for […]

The Rise of Commuter Marriage or, Alternatively, How to Get Away From Your Annoying Spouse

A friend recently announced that she and her spouse are entering into a “commuter marriage” because her husband landed a job in Kentucky. He would be moving to the land of horse racing and finely-aged bourbon, and she would be staying in Detroit to “focus on her accounting career.” “We’re starting a commuter marriage and […]

Working with recruiters… to share or not to share salary information

GC,  Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes. This old saying probably holds true in the lovely land of recruiting. We are all constantly slammed with those annoying cold e-mails/voicemails from random recruiters who want to talk to us about "fast moving, great opportunities". Once in a while, one of these annoying e-mails looks […]

Considering a Career in Forensic Accounting

Hello all, I'm interested in getting some advice about a future in forensic accounting.  I've read that the forensic acccounting future is bright.  But a few questions: Is it possible to obtain an internship in this group?   Is it possible to get hired directly into this field or do most people transition into it […]

Choosing Between 2nd Tier and Large Regional Firm

I received two job offers for a semi-senior position. One is for a 2nd tier national firm doing a mix of government & commercial audit without any SEC audits. The 2nd firm is a large regional that does SEC & commercial audits. CLIFFNOTES AT THE BOTTOM. For name-recognition, training, and resources, I like the 2nd […]

How Do I Build on Small Firm Experience to Get Considered for a Position with a Big 4 Firm?

Another career conundrum from the mailbag: Hello,   I am just interested in some quick advice and I greatly appreciate your advice ahead of time.   I graduated a year ago with my degree in accounting from a fairly good accounting program. Unfortunately, my GPA was only about a 3.23. My major GPA was a […]

Tax vs. Advisory – There’s No Definitive Answer

MAcc graduate from a top tier program with a solid JD on the side. Hit the legal market at a bad time and took a job with a Big 4 specialty tax group. I received a very strong rating this fiscal year and have been told an early promotion is coming my way. Unfortunately, it […]

Taking copy of WPs when you leave firm

Ed. note: we're not suggesting anyone do this. Ever. We're highlighting this question so you all can tell this person why. Someone I know is leaving to a different firm and took copies of his engagement WPs purely just for future reference on procedures and analysis performed. I know it's prohibited, but I really don't […]

Job Prospects for an Economics Background with a Twist of Accounting

Here's a conundrum from the mailbag that came in over the weekend: Hi,  I received a masters in economics in May 2013 but afterwards I started developing an interest in accounting classes so I took extra accounting classes to meet the requirements for the CPA exam. I am now scheduled to take the FAR exam […]

Another Confused Supervisor

Similar situation as a previous supervisor’s post. Audit Supervisor at a midsized firm NY Metro (1 office, 15 partners, 80 professionals between $20-30M in revenue), expecting an offer for a Big 4 manager position.  I’ve put in time at the Big 4 at the associate level (left for to finish MBA and had kids.) Now […]

Switch to TAS – Transaction Tax

I just finished my first year as a tax associate at a midsize firm in our financial services practice. I've passed my CPA exam and am getting my MST at night (firm is paying for it). I know I just started my career but I want to do more than cube slave tax forms so […]

Help a Puzzled Audit Supervisor

I am an audit supervisor with a large regional CPA firm in the northeast. I have a CPA license, a MAcc, and approximately 6.5 years of experience. I have exposure to numerous industries, though I do not really care for the industries I have fallen into. If I continue doing what I am doing, I […]

Why the higher salary for masters in tax?

As the title asks, does anyone know why a masters degree in tax fetches a higher salary than a masters in accounting? I know of people in markets 1/5th the size of the one I'm in that are starting with $4,000 – $5,000 higher salaries. Does that conveys that a masters in tax is is […]

EHH too comfy at work need some Advice for career

I joined a local CPA firm right after school and have been wih the firm for 2.2 years. I am still working on CPA license:(   Hopefully will pass all of it in 6 months:)   our firm is kinda laid back. we donot really have a lot of  crazy hours and normally 8  hours […]

External Audit vs Internal Audit

For those who left public accounting and went to private industry, how are you adapting and what are the biggest challenges? I left EY 6 month ago to work at Internal Audit. Although I leave office at 5 pm, I have the time from 9 to 5 and count down every minute. Thinking of going […]

Deloitte ERS – Business Risk?

Hey guys,  I was wondering if anyone would be willing to provide some insight into the Deloitte ERS Business Risk service line.  I was recently extended an ERS (business risk) offer. The job description sounds interesting for sure but I've been looking around online and I am having trouble finding quality information on which I […]

How Much Time to Hear Back on Big 4 Advisory Offer?

What is the usual time to response/offer/rejection for an experienced hire advisory interview at one of the Big 4?

Why is the AICPA trying to devalue my CPA certification?

Like all of you, I spent a lot of time, money and effort to obtain my CPA license. I paid a metric shit ton of money to go to a good school, where I spent countless hours studying, writing papers, taking tests, etc. Then I went into public accounting and busted my ass to obtain […]

Help Me Choose Between EY and Deloitte

Here's a career conundrum from the mailbag: Hello,   I am going into my senior year of college and I already have 2 offers from big 4. Details on each:   Ernst and Young -salary: 72,000 + 5,000 bonus -interned there this summer -did not like the culture so much (may just be financial services […]

Interview Strategy for Second Round

So, here is my story: I'm in the process of interviewing with several companies and trying to move from audit into private industry. For the first time in a while I've actually made to the second round of interviews. Now I'm not sure what the practice is outside of my industry group, however, in the […]

Audit Worries

I started working at a CPA firm of about 15 people after graduating this past May.  The firm started auditing about three years ago and has been making a push to expand its audit practice so I've spent most of my summer working on audits of small companies and review engagements.  Everyone that works on […]

Stupid Recruiter Tricks

I made the mistake this morning of picking up a phone call from a recruiter. I saw the caller ID and thought it was someone else. When I realized it was a recruiter my first thought was "ah shit", and my second though was "how patient and polite should I be with this lady before […]

What inspires you?

I recently started on a diet and my consultant asked me a thought-proving question about two weeks into it, "What inspires you?" The only thing that immediately came to mind was "Getting to my goal weight so I can get off this fucking diet." This also got me thinking about my accounting career. Not much […]

What’s the deal with partner compensation?

Could anyone with intimate knowledge of this subject please enlighten me? What is a ballpark average compensation figure for partners in the Big Four (specifically PwC)? Now, I know this varies considerably–what drives this range, though? How come some partners make 400k while others pull in more than a mill? Is it based on their […]

What happens when non-partners bring in new clients?

I'm curious how various firms deal with the issue of non-partner employees bringing in business. I'm a non-partner employee at a small firm, and for the first time I have some serious prospects in the pipeline. But I'm not sure how to raise the issue with my boss, considering we have no explicit policy about […]

Messed up on recruiting season

Hey Guys, I'm currently a senior at a  tier 2 university around Dallas, TX. I messed up on recruiting season in the spring and did not end up choosing a firm that gave me an offer. A little about me, my cumulative GPA at my university is a 3.8. My accounting GPA is 3.63. I […]

2nd Year Associate Expectations

Just landed a 2nd year associate position, aside from having a good attitude and asking questions, what is expected from me? What should I expect.  

M&A Advisory after leaving Big Four? Would you go back?

One of the Big 4 is hiring an M&A Advisory manager which, on paper, reads like I'd be a good candidate for the role. My background: worked through college (relevant work related to accounting), 2 years in assurance at a Big 4, left for a promotion into an internal audit group (came in as a […]

If accounting isn’t so great, what would you recommend?

I see a lot of negative comments about the accounting profession in the comment sections of this site (not saying I disagree with any of them). If you happen to be in accounting and think it isn't a good career or sucks for whatever other reason, what would you recommend that would be better? I […]

Structured Finance vs. Advisory

I'm looking for more information on Big 4 Structured Finance vs. Big 4 Advisory (for Financial Services).  Specifically hours worked, skills gained, and exit opportunites.  Keep in mind this would be for someone who is not a CPA and not interested in accounting.  Thanks.

Liberal Arts Grad Doing MSA: Deciding Between IT Audit and Tax

I studied history in my BA program and then I did a MA in history part-time while working at a university business office. I originally thought about doing a PhD in history, but after a lot of consideration I decided that route wasn't worth the time and money it required (average length for a PhD […]

Continue to Maintain CPA License?

Currently I'm a "senior financial/data analyst" and no longer deal with financial statements or anything audit or accounting related.  It cost me $500-$600 (CPE + state fees) every two years to renew my license.  Is it really beneficial to maintain/renew your CPA after leaving public accounting?  Has anyone let their license lapse? 

Financial Investigation Dispute Services (FIDS)???

I would like to know more about the FIDS Practice at EY, specifically the Pharma/Life Sciences group.  What kind of work?  What are the hours like(are we talking 60 hours + all year around)? How much travel(% wise)? Also, I see this group is placed in the ASSurance LOS, how does it compare to core […]

Senior Associate Switch to Big 4– What Time of Year to Switch?

Me: Senior Tax Associate @ regional firm looking to switch to Big 4. Goal: Start Summer 2015. Dillemma: There's a current opening for a senior tax position at a B4 office where I'd like to work. Should I interview now and request to start in Summer 2015 or just wait for another opening next year? […]

Industry tax person interested in becoming an auditor

Hello all,  I graduated from college with a BBA in accounting in May 2012. Since then, I have been working in a financial services firm doing tax provisions within the tax group. While this tax position has allowed me to gain practical tax knowledge and experience, eventually I would like to get into roles that […]

Should I accept a Big 4 offer?

Hello All, I have a big decision to make in the coming week.  I received a job offer for a Big 4 starting at 50k in Audit and another offer from a mid-tier starting at 52k in IT Audit. I’m currently an Internal Auditor, two years out of college, making ~65k, working 40 hour weeks.  The max salary for […]

Did the Going Concern Survey Results Come Out Yet?

Did the Going Concern survey results come out yet? I'm not sure if I missed it or if it hasn't come out yet. Thanks!

Promotion to Manager

Just got promoted to Senior, what's the average amount of time to get promoted to manager?  I'm in Tax if that changes the game.  

Incoming A1, want to get into advisory

I am am an incoming A1 at a medium-sized national firm in the midwest. I don't think audit is my future past a year or two and I want to get to NYC for advisory. What is the best advice to transfer offices early on and transfer line of service?  I have a degree from […]

Low GPA out of college, career advice needed

So, here's the scoop. I recently graduated from George Mason University this past May with my B.S. in Accounting. I have worked close to full time throughout the entirety of my undergrad, with about two and a half years as an Accounting Inter/Clerk in the accounting department of a small non-accounting related firm. The good: […]

Taking over a small practice

I'm a senior associate in tax working for a top 25 firm.  There is room for advancement over the next few years.  I currently have an opportunity to jump to a small practice with the intention of being the successor to the lone owner with the transition occuring over the next 4-5 years.  There is […]

Small Firm Tax to Big 4/Large Firm Tax

For background, I am a Tax Senior in the satellite office of a large local public accounting firm (100-150 people). I have a Master's in Tax and a CPA and work in a pretty decently sized market – we've got all the Big 4, most of the other top 10 firms, and many similarly sized […]

Leave before I find out my raise?

I am currently a staff at a national firm. I am pretty sure I am getting promoted to senior. I am atleast 3 rated but I think there is a good chance i will be 4 rated (5 is best). I have an offer to move to private at a great company (Top 25 on […]

Financial Services – CFSA’s — added value?

Hi All, I was wondering if any of you folks have or work with people who have pursued the CFSA [Certified Financial Services Auditor] certification, in addition to the CPA? Is this certification more geared toward internal audit rather than public accounting? Thanks in advance! My apologies if I put this in the wrong category! […]

Possible Firm-Jump: Deloitte ERS vs. PwC Risk Assurance – IT Audit Specific

Can you all opine upon the differences between working for the D&T ERS and  PwC Risk Assurance practices; specifically, IT Audit (supporting external audits’) focused. I currently work for the former (consultant level) but am considering an experienced hire position at the latter; the reasons for considering firm-jumping aside can anyone speak to the differences? […]

Getting a raise after finishing your MST? (Tax)

At PwC, new hires with an MST make 10k more than new hires without one. I started with only half of mine finished, and finished the rest during my first year. About to have my comp talk with my partner, is it reasonable to ask for the bump up to make what the rest of […]

Rejecting Mid Tier for SHOT at big 4?

I am going into my senior year but still have 3 semesters left (will graduate in december '15). I am currently interning with a mid tier firm (think BDO, GT, etc etc) but want to go big 4. I want big 4 mostly for the bigger clients, exit opportunities, and prestige. At the end of […]

Switching Industries After Public?

Is it possible/feasible to go into private industry in a different industry you worked on in public? For example, financial services group at big 4 to working in a manufacturing company or auditing oil and gas and going to a tech company?

Negotiating raises in Big4?

As the Compensation discussions are starting to roll out, I went back and looked at the 2013 threads to see roughly what kind of bump I might expect as a staff 1 > staff 2.  While there's plenty of comp information, I never saw any mention of people negotiating their raises (successfully or otherwise).  When I was […]

PTO payment?

At my firm, we get 25 days of PTO per year.  They do not expire until the end of the next year.  Does this mean that if I were to quit on December 31 and my salary is $100,000, I would be compensated approximately $19,230? The calculation is based on 50 * 8 / 2080 * […]

Being an auditor in Brazil

Has anyone ever worked in audit for a public accounting firm (big 4 or non-big 4) in Brazil? Me and my wife are considering making a move to Brazil and I am trying to research what it will be like there in terms of pay and hours.   

Ex-Big 4 Auditor Needs Advice on Next Career Move

Me: Big 4 trained (4 years – got to assistant manager) Left for a financial accountant role on the same money (18 months – excellent work/life balance but got desperately bored. I took the first role I was offered, and it was a poor unresearched choice) Joined mid-tier firm as Audit Manager (6 months – […]

Take a pay cut to join a Big 4?

I got into accounting by changing careers in mid-life. For the past few years, I've gone to grad school part-time to get a M.Acc. while working full-time at a small firm that provides outsourced accounting services to businesses (basically glorified bookkeeping). Although our firm is not a CPA firm, my manager has a CPA, and […]

Big 4 for only 6 months is biting me in the arse

So yeah, this sucks. Since most accounting managers are from the Big 4, they are giving me the stink eye after hearing that I only stayed for 6 months. I can't tell them I was contractual since I wasn't and I don't want to lie cause they will find out the truth eventually. I just […]

Does This Count As Work Experience for CPA in NY

I am currently a CPA in NY. I started out my career at one of the Big 4 accounting firms, but have since moved to my current job in private equity/asset management. I have a colleague who is looking to fulfill her CPA work requirement (also in NY), and given the reporting lines, I would be […]

Can dementia be linked to Big 4 jobs?

I just read a news story about the link between cynicism and dementia (link to story at bottom).  I find it highly interesting because for the most part, everyone I meet in public accounting, especially at my B4 firm, is extremely cynical.  In the article, several people in their 70's were interviewed to determine their […]

At what point is it your responsibility to report violations of professional standards?

Long story short, I'm a "two and out" former big 4 auditor who took a job within a large (F500) company doing internal audit (I know, I know..). For those of you with experience on the private side of things…is it normal for audit reports to be issued before fieldwork is completed or reviewed? I've […]

Is Big 4 Tax a Dead End Job?

Everybody and their mother knows that pubic accounting has awesome exit opportunities on the audit side. Ticking and tying random bullshit apparently gives you a really good idea of how businesses are run. People exit Big 4 audit after 4-5 years making 6 figures with much better work life balance and decent career progression. What […]

Accountants replaced by software in the future?

So I'm reading an article on NPR about the share of bachelor's degrees awarded by field in the past few centuries, which shows business consistently holds the highest percentage of degrees awarded, and some shmuck comments that business requires the least critical thinking skills (really? REALLY?) out of all fields presented. Another user responds that […]

Life as a Tax Auditor for CA Board of Equalization

Are there any Tax Auditors working or has worked for CA Board of Equalization here that can give a brief summary of your day to day duties?  How many of the supervisors have CPA licenses for an auditor to get a CPA license sign-off?  What is the amount of actual traveling vs office time?

Why do accounting jobs in manufacturing seem to pay less and require more experience than other industries?

Like many of you, I receive unsolicited messages and emails from recruiters on a regular basis.  One thing I've noticed is that while most jobs tend to follow predictable salary ranges, jobs in manufacturing seem to want more experience and yet offer much less money.  An email I got today was advertising internal audit roles […]

Exit planning for an experienced audit manager

Although there are a lot of Failure to Launch posts here, everything I have seen has been focused on early career.  Granted, some of these issues are probably the same wherever you are in your career, but the circumstances and consequences seem a little more daunting the further along you get in your career.  So […]

Lawyer or Big 4

Check out this Humans of New York post; I am guessing lawyer because he looks older than the average age of someone that starts in the Big 4.  But, in his interview he elludes to the same work life balance problem we all face. "The hope is that after 8 years, I'll be made a […]

Protiviti – what are your thoughts?

I've been in Big 4 audit for a bit and I'm thinking about moving to Protiviti. What are your impressions/thoughts on this company? I am interested in internal audit, risk consulting, SOX, process improvement, etc. which is what Protiviti specializes in.

NYC private accounting salary with the big banks

can anyone give me an idea as to what a base, entry level salary would be for an accountant in NYC with one of the major banks (JP Morgan Chase, BNY Mellon, etc..)? How much of an increase in the number should I expect if I have my CPA license? Other factors to adjust for: […]

FLASH: Accountants Are the Most Low-Key, High Wage Workers in America

I wish they would have published this stupid article at the peak of busy season. Since some of you spend your lives in perpetual busy season, you should get a laugh at this. And by "a laugh" I mean a cry. Yahoo (yeah, I know) published a list of "low-key, high wage" jobs and you'll […]

ADHD in audit?

So yeah, this just came in.  My younger brother was recently diagnosed with ADHD. My mother pointed out how I was the same when I was younger. After a formal diagnosis, it was confirmed I had it also and still do. I just went on undiagnosed because, you know the 90s right? I also didn't […]

Summer Tax Intern Already Changing Mind About Career Choices

  This came in over the weekend: Hi, I'm going to be interning in Tax this summer at one of the Big 4 in Boston. I've realized that I would rather work in an Financial Services Advisory or Consulting position when I go full-time. My worry is that I'll be given a full-time offer in Tax at the […]

My Attempt at Being Bitter & Punny.

Dogs are People, Too Why it Should be Legal for You to Claim Your Pooch Recently my place of employment, a public accounting firm in New Jersey, participated in “Bring Your Kid to Work Day.” Although I have no actual children, I am the proud parent of an over-excitable, lab-mix whom I fondly refer to […]

Thoughts on Writing for GC

Ed. note: I think we have a new writer submission? Or perhaps just a warning to anyone "foolish enough" to consider the thought. I'm going to go ahead and leave my misspelled name in here because A) I'm used to it and B) I don't feel like wasting the time to edit it. About two […]

Failure to Launch Part II

Given the most recent thread in which one of the readers submitted his tale of first job woes, I began to reflect on my own experience at my first professional job, and the ways in which I too, failed to launch. This introspection motivated me to share my story with others. As many other Big […]

Accounting Recruiters in the Time of Tinder

I am on Tinder.  I am not ashamed to admit it.  Why should I? If you’re a single accountant anywhere between the ages of 20 and 40, the odds are pretty good you’ve resorted to Tinder. Until someone jumps on the URL for, how else are a bunch of overworked nerds supposed to meet […]

The Little Known World of Government Accounting

I have been reading Going Concern for a couple of years now, and it is usually very heavily focused on the audit and tax side of public accounting.  There are rants about work-life balance (or really the lack there of), the interns, the busy season hours, the ridiculous review comments…but I believe the world of […]

Do You Work to Live or Live to Work?

How often are you told you work too much? Forty hour weeks are a thing of the past in the accounting world. Instead, 50 is the new 40 and 60 or 70 is more common. Working 60 plus hours a week, and traveling on top of it, can make having a happy home life very […]

Making the transition: Part 1 – Failure to Launch

Ed. note: it appears this bold soul is the first to audition to be Going Concern's next big thing. Let's be gentle. “What are your three strengths and three weaknesses?” asked the interviewing partner from Deloitte. I will always remember this question as my biggest interviewing bobble to date. Who the fuck asks for three?! […]

Gray Hair From Accounting?

Greetings All, I am a new member of GoingConcern, a sophomore accounting major. Accounting thus far has been much easier for me than it has been for the majority of my classmates throughout. It is intellectually challenging and I don't despise accounting at all. I like it.  To most, accounting is more daunting than an […]

Back to Public Accounting? or Internal Audit? (from a mom)

Here's the sitch: I've done both public accounting (audit) and industry (sr. accountant) and can't decide what my next move is.  It needs to be audit-related.   I'm considering going back into public accounting because I look back at those years with a certain amount of fondness – but it could just be my rose-colored […]

Accounting to IT?

anyone here has experience or know any accountants that diverted their careers into IT/programming/System Design, etc? I am a recent MS Accounting degree graduate and I am looking into a programming/IT related career. What are the career opportunities out there? Right now, I am working as a staff accountant at a non-profit. I am on […]

What is Risk Assurance?

I'm looking at position at PwC and was wondering if someone could explain to me what the day in the life is of a risk assurance associate? Audit, tax are pretty straight forward but I can't find any information about RA. When are the busy seasons, work load, general duties, and how does it relate […]

KPMG’s Accounting Advisory Services (AAS)

Hi All, I'm wondering what type of work is performed in KPMG's Accounting Advisory services practice. From what I understand, this is a subset of the Transactions & Restructuring umbrella of their advisory practice. Is it mainly Financial Due Diligence/QOE Reports as in transaction service lines in other firms? Accounting policy change? Or are these […]

From Private Client to Corporate Tax

I currently work at a small regional firm in private client services tax – currently about 50% high net worth individuals and 50% split between their business entities and trust/estate/gift tax returns.  I have been in this field for about 7 years now, and while I enjoy the work, I am getting burnt out with […]

Giving Notice When Switching to Competitor (B4)

Do firms honor a two-week notice when switching to a competitor? 

Changing from audit to accounting

Here's one from the mailbag: I began my second career, after finishing an accounting program, as a state auditor three years ago.  I'd like to work as an accountant in private industry but am not sure how to get started.  I've done a lot of fianancial/operational audits, but I'm not sure if that would be […]

Do accounting firms have a blacklist and am I on it?

Hi folks, it is DarkAgent and his stinky feet again. I posted on GC roughly a month ago with a long sob story asking for advice about why firms won't hire me. Thanks to all that replied. I'm still looking for work and have applied to multiple places over the past month, only to get […]

switch to government?

Am just emerging from my first busy season in public accounting, and the thought of ever doing that again is horrifying. I feel like I'd be happy with a less intense career path. I don't want to be a CFO or Controller or anything like that, I just want to make enough money to live […]

Hedge Funds vs Private Equity for tax jobs

2 years at a Big 4 in NYC working on both, getting hit up by recruiters for jobs at both. They've mentioned that HFs pay more but there is more work, ie longer hours typically.  Can anybody who works as a tax accountant in either industry weigh in? Is there a meaningful difference between the […]

Why would anyone work in public accounting?

With all the bitching and moaning, perpetually low morale, busy season blues, why would anyone work in public accounting? Why would any recent college graduate enter the field, and why would any experienced worker stay in the field? Let's list the obvious pros and cons. Cons: 1) long hours 2) low pay (at least for […]

Do you agree that the best employees end up getting put on the worst clients?

Someone in /r/accounting posted an interesting opinion: The other huge loophole in the system is that the better work you do – the worse clients you will be put on as at the end of the day – they need someone really good to come get this hard shit done so they pull the best […]

High Paid Tax Positions

Hi everyone, I'm trying to get a better understanding of what jobs related to tax pay the most $. Currently an MS Tax student, had an internship at a big 4 firm in NYC, will be returning full time in a few months, studying for the 4th and final part of the CPA. Yes I […]

EY’s Financial Accounting Advisory Services

Can anyone please tell me what does this group do? I have heard people say its more like consulting? or is it just simply some glorified auditing/accounting? Gracias!

Flexible “Build Your Own Internship” with KPMG?

Hello all, I am interning with KPMG this summer, and part of what attracted me was the flexibility of their internships (I recieved offers from the other Big 4, but this one stuck out to me more).  Now I know the Big 4 are quite similar firms, and I wanted to know what some more […]