Associate with Questions

GC, I recently started as an audit associate (b4) and I'm hoping to get some questions answered. A) If I had to make friends with people in public accounting to make my working life easier, who would they be and why? B) What's the general review process for expenses being approved or rejected? C) Whats […]

Would You Work for Revenue Share?

This post is inspired by Jeff Maddux CPA, so you can send your hate mail there. Just joking keep it coming, I love it! His idea (see tweet exchange) was actually really good. You don’t need me to harp on about value based billing (It’s almost as played out as "cloud"). Our firm was on […]

Deferred Big 4 offer for 1 year, how do I answer question about full time offer?

I recently interned with a Big 4 firm this past summer in advisory. I accepted a full time offer; however, I deferred the start date for one year because I no longer want to graduate next June for various reasons (I would have graduated early in 3 years). I want to look for an internship […]

Incoming TAP staff at EY (Diff pay for diff start date)

Hi everyone, This summer I interned for EY and was offered a FT position for next July. I am graduating this semester and would like to start in January. However because the fiscal year does not end till June, the offer needs to be redrafted if I would like to come in January. The problem […]

Exec Director offer from another Big 4, need your advice please

Hello everyone, I received an offer from a B4 for an Exec Director (equivalent to MD) position. I'm currently a Director (equivalent to SM) at another B4 and is up for Partner or Managing Director promotion in two years from now at the current firm. I would like to hear some of your thoughts and suggestions on […]

Helping a Nonprofit or No?

So I arrived home yesterday to a kindly worded letter from a local non-profit, specifically one that helps veterans and who takes special interest in ladies who were considered part of the Rosie the Riveter movement in WWII, which said they're looking for a CPA to prepare their 990 and they got my name from […]

IT Auditors/Advisors

Hi All, Just thought I would ask the question that most out there won't really ask since we are kind of a minority in the Big 4 world. If you are currently an IT Audtor in the Big 4, are you looking to get out and what opportunities have you seen out there that are […]

Deadline to quit before busy season

I work for a smaller CPA firm comprised of about 15 auditors. I want to accept an offer for another position but am worried that it may be too close to busy season right now to quit. I can see quitting at a bigger firm in September isn't that huge of a deal but since […]

Compensation for Managing Director at Big 4

Hello everyone.. Can you please share the starting and average annual salary of the Managing Director (MD) at Big 4. I assume the Exec Director (ED) salary is also pretty much inline with the MD's. How does the MD/ED annual bonus structure works vs Partners? Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Signing Bonus?

I currently work in a hell hole and decided to quit without a job lined up and during tax season. Yes, I know, I'm crazy. Luckily they can't afford to lose any more employees, so they let me go on interiews as long as I stay through 9/15. I went on 4 interviews in 5 […]

All Big 4 have same PPED levels?

Do all four Big 4's have the same PPEDD levels? meaning EY has Partner, Principal, Exec Director, Director. Thanks!

Work Attire Advice for New Hire in Advisory

What's the work attire M-F for someone who works in Deloitte Advisory? Is it business professional M-T (blazers, button-ups, sleek outfits, neutral colors) and business casual on Fridays? I'd appreciate a female voice to chime in here! Thanks! 

Compensation Discussion

Hi, I wrk for a Big 4. I have a compensation discussion coming up and I want to know what exactly to do! Of course I would like a decent raise, I did just get promoted this year. What should I do people?

Requesting a transfer

I accepted an offer with a big 4 in Texas, but I have realized after my internship that is not the city I would prefer to be in. I know it would be looked down on to request a transfer without even working there yet. I was thinking of working there for a few months […]

New Study Validates Old Accountant Joke

This morning I linked to a story about a study that ties the willingness to manage earnings to successful careers in corporate accounting departments. This is not a remarkable study because of its findings insomuch as it is a remarkable study because of its timing. I just figured the equation CREATIVE ACCOUNTING = SUCCESSFUL ACCOUNTING […]

full time pay at EY

I just completed my internship at "building a better working world" (sic.) and realized that people with no experience and a bachelors degree are being offered than others with experience and a masters degree. Should I negotiate for an equal, let alone higher offer? I feel cheated and abused but I guess thats a familiar […]

Work During Downtime

Hey guys. I'm currently pretty slow at the office right now and am struggling to find billable work. What kind of things have you done during this time to stay productive? It would be nice to be able to support nonbillable hours. I'm at a non B4 mid sized firm.  ive asked around but it […]

The “I’m Leaving” Conversation

Quick background on me: At this point I’ve decided that audit is not for me. I’m going to fully pursue a transfer to transaction services, but even if that doesn’t work out I’ve decided that I’m getting out of audit next year. I have two main questions relating to leaving.   Question 1: Until just […]

Perception of the Military Reserve?

I put my education on hold in the middle of my junior year to join the reserve component of my favorite military branch.  Military service is a family tradition, a lifelong dream, and the education benefits sounded very nice after 2 1/2 years of debt. (For those not familiar with the reserve it is similar […]

When future employer asks for a copy of paycheck

How does one respond to HR when being asked to provide a current paycheck without losing leverage?

Why You Should (and Shouldn’t) Accept a Full-Time Offer From a Public Accounting Firm

Public accounting firms are wrapping up their summer internships and unless one did something horrifically wrong, most can expect full-time offers. Most will accept without a moment of thought or hesitation, but a few perplexed summer interns may be wondering if they should take the offer or not. If you have an offer and are feeling unsure, consider the following when making your decision.

Should CPAs Consider an Executive MBA?

In my last post I answered the question of whether CPAs should get an MBA.  I said that an MBA makes sense for young CPAs who want to make a career change, provided they go to an MBA program ranked in the top 25 globally. 

Return to audit for opportunity abroad? Hinder future options?

A little background: I was a new senior two in financial service assurance when I left before busy season at a Big 4 to travel full time throughout South America for a few months. I am a travel nerd. I go on international trips whenever possible and have become quite skilled at finding cheap(er) tickets. The […]

Tax Departments at Studios

A unique query from "anonymoose" that hit our inbox this afternoon: Who's had any experience working in the tax department for studios (Disney, Warner Bros, Sony, Fox, etc.)?  Was it as rough as the rumors say?  Anyone have experience on the advisor side?  Do tell, do tell…

When to stop hopping?

A little Background: Promoted to Senior in IT Audit with a Big 4, received 20% increase; Left a few months later for another 18% bump.  Been here 6 months. Pros: come in around 9, leave around 430.  Like my boss.  No micromanaging. Variety of work outside of your typical SOX work. Virtually no stress. Bonus will be 15-20%. Base […]

Exit Opportunities – FS Tax

Besides staying in Big 4, what are the exit opportunities for Tax Senior in Asset Management federal compliance group?

Tax Groups at Big 4

What does the GC crowd have to say about the different tax groups at B4? Where is the "place to be" and has the most opportunity both inside and outside the B4. Which partners are billing the highest/making the most? If you were do over your career (besides saying never do Tax, get an MBA, […]

Industry Jobs

So, I don't plan on getting out of B4 anytime soon. But I'm curious, after you get that 15-25% bump to Industry, for those that have made the jump, how are the annual raises? Do you get one? What level did you jump at? to what? Have you been promoted since? Was there a correlation […]

MBA during B4 Senior Years

I am planning on enrolling in a part-time MBA (non-M7 but best program in the state) while staying in Big4 Audit with the plan to be out of Big 4 upon completion of the MBA. Goal is to move into Associate Role at MM IB or into a F500 Rotational Role.  If I go IB, […]

Confusion – What to do?

I'm currently a staff at one of the Big 4… I personally worked really hard this past busy season, but unfortunately, due to 1 or 2 strong critcisms in my review, I wasn't promoted unfortunately. They'd like to place me under the performance improvment plan to hopfully get promoted next year. However, I've always felt that […]

Let’s Hear Your Stories About Reneging on a Job Offer

We linked to a WSJ article this morning about corporate recruiters complaining about people who renege on their offers. It's somewhat surprising that recruiters don't chalk these up to a cost of doing business but I suppose it's always irritating when someone has verbally accepted or signed an offer then just up and bails on […]

Amount of Travel for Deloitte 1st Year AERS Tech Risk Advisor

I recently graduated and will begin my career as an AERS Tech Risk Consultant soon in NYC. I am wondering how much travel I should expect, and heard that some individuals travel so often for weeks at a time that they don't even rent an apartment in the city or live at home. I would […]

Can Accountants Job Hop Without Worry?

I like this Harvard Busines Review post that questions some of the conventional wisdom on switching jobs. Tropes like, "Stay in a job for at least two years" and "Never leave a job until you have your next one lined up,” feel like they're from the same era as "Best practices for sharpening pencils," and, "How to keep your adding machine from jamming."

How valuable is ADIT’s transfer pricing certificate?

Has anyone heard of ADIT (Advanced Diploma in International Taxation)'s Transfer Pricing Certificate? I just found it out and am wondering if I should earn one. Will it be helpful when applying for Transfer Pricing jobs? Please share your opinion if you know anything about it. Your input is appreciated.

Accountants Prefer Their Own Kind

A Robert Half survey of U.S. CFOs found that the “greatest challenge” for finance personnel “when working with other departments,” is the interaction “with a variety of personalities.” Probably explains why so many accountants end up marrying other accountants. [CGMA]

Left for money, but now want to go back to Big4

So I took your guys' advice at and took a low 100k job (cybersecurity at a bank, VP level, midwest).  Been here a few weeks and I want to get out already. People don't check emails after 5pm and most of them don't even have email on their phones. Things take forever to get done. […]

Is it a good idea to quit my current job before getting a job at one of the big four?

I am currently working for a small consulting company, but the position is a poor fit and I don't like what I am doing. I found out from friends that my background is very suitable to some position(s) at big fours. I have been researching on them and am getting more and more excited about […]

Careers in US Tax Abroad?

My spouse is English and we are talking about moving overseas (probably London area).  I hear there is some demand for professionals with US GAAP experience, but I don't hear much about US tax overseas unless it is in the context of doing expat returns.  Would a few years of US corporate tax experience be […]

What to say when recruiter asks about tiering and raise?

I'm looking to switch from one big 4 to another big 4. I had a phone screening where I was asked "What is your tiering" and "What is your raise". What is the appropriate response to those questions and how should I respond without killing what little leverage I have?

B4 to Employer-Assisted MBA

I am curious to know if you or someone you know has ever been able to negotiate a jump from B4 to an MBA program that is partially funded by a new employer. For example, were you or someone else able to negotiate an employment offer that obligated the new employer to partially fund your […]

LinkedIn Faux Pas

I was recently chatting with an old client contact and the discussion turned to the stupid ways which people give the wrong impression on LinkedIn. These were the major things we've seen and agree that they make people look like idiots online: 1. Long self-aggrandizing summaries: usually the people that did this were assholes anyways, […]

Soon-to-be IT Auditor unsure of future

Hey everybody, I am starting at Deloitte (midwest region) in August as an IT Auditor and am super stoked! However, I am a little concerned about my future career path after reading (probably far too many) discussions here. I have no current interest in sticking with IT audit beyond my Big 4 stint and I […]

What Excel skill level is needed for Transfer Pricing senior consultant

I am interested in applying theTransfer Pricing senior Consultant position at Deloitte. On the ads, it is stated that "Computer skills with knowledge of MS Excel preferred". I am not quite sure how advanced the Excel skill needs to be for Transfer Pricing senior Consultant. Do they use Pivot table/chart? VBA editting? Monte-Carlo simulation? I […]

If You’re ‘Bored Stiff’ Working at a Law Firm, the Next Logical Step Might Be to Get a Job at EY

It's rare, I think, to encounter a person who finds a particular career path boring and abandons it for another path that is similarly boring. EY's Central Region Managing Partner for tax is one such person: Marna Ricker “always had natural gravitation toward math and numbers.” After a short stint in a law firm, where, […]

Sr. tax analyst or tax analyst in industry?

Was hoping I could get some insight into a tax analyst or senior tax analyst in industry, mainly in the areas of fed/state tax return prep, ASC 740 prep, and income tax audit inquiries, etc.. Currently, I am corp tax senior who is about 6-12 months out from manager. However, im not seeing the benefit […]

Why don’t CPAs jump back to public for the Senior Manager position to make Partner?

Industry pays more than public accounting. Why doesn't someone jump to industry after 2-3 years, and then jump back for Senior Manager partnership track in x years?

Donald Trump’s Accountants Should Quit

Yesterday, shaved orangutan Donald Trump announced that he's running for president. No, not of the local billionaires-only KKK chapter; of the United States. Yes, the country that most of you currently reside in. President of the United States. It's not a joke. Well, on second thought, it actually is.  During his gold-dusted self-orgy of narcissism, Trump […]

Thinking About a Small Firm? Check Out This Virtual Career Fair

If all the recent talk about small firms has got you curious, AccountingFly is hosting a virtual career fair called Advance this Thursday from 1 pm to 5 pm ET that features 68 firms from across the country. You'll have the chance to chat with hiring managers from firms that have current openings, it's free and you […]

Counteroffers Rarely Work for Employees Jumping Ship

A recent Robert Half study found that 78% of CFOs don't extend counteroffers to employees who are leaving. Chris Jensen, CPA, cgma, explains: “In most cases, when someone leaves and gives you the heads up, it’s probably best for both parties to separate,” said Jensen, the CFO at Pinnacle Exhibits in Hillsboro, Oregon. “They’re ready […]

Big 4 to Small Firm?

Anyone here make the switch? Thoughts on your overall experience in the Big 4 vs. a smaller firm? Currently staff in B4 tax (looking to GTFO) and examining my options.

To stay until manager, or leave as a senior..

I'm finishing up my senior 1 year in big4, and trying to figure out what my next move is. The caveat is that I do NOT want a typical accounting job in internal audit, financial reporting, or really ever booking a journal entry. I'm looking at finance jobs and have had some luck getting interviews […]

B4 to Boutique M&A IB?

So I posted on here a few months back regarding the likelihood of transitioning from B4 assurance into an AM research role. My naivete at the time still baffles me, as after a few months of searching I now realize that this simply isn't going to happen. It seems as if toughing it out a […]

Started public accounting at an older age, thinking about moving to private

I never knew what I wanted to do in life, so I started in one career with a certain degree and went back later for a degree in accounting. I dont have a masters, because I didnt need one due to satisying the credit requirement, but am currently sitting for the first part of the […]

Who Wants to Work at a Small Accounting Firm?

They could use some help: Finding qualified staff ranked as one of the two most pressing issues for all firms with more than one professional, topping the list for firms with two to 10 professionals and ranking second among firms with 11 or more professionals (see chart below). Firms in the two largest size categories […]

Ironic (or Genuinely Interested) Accountants Can Learn About Working at the IRS Today

If you are interested in a job at the IRS because you can't help but live your life to its full hipster potential, there's a webinar at 2 pm ET today just for you. It's put on by AccountingFly, an online job board that specializes in accounting and stars Chris Lezovich, the Program Manager and National […]

Internship to full time and Exit interview

I'm doing an Audit Interview this summer at one of the Big 4 Accounting Firms in Los Angeles. I know you do an exit itnerview, where you're told whether you got the offer or not. I was wondering when that happens. Is it on the very last day of the itnernship? Also, since we're talking […]

Name some obscure accounting careers

The other day I was looking at some different career choices and I found some pretty obscure options.  – Zoo accountant  – Movie accountant – Sports accountant That's all I got. Anyone else seen some pretty random ones? Or met anyone who held these positions? 

Internal Audit vs Accounting (1 year in industry)

I graduated with my Masters last year, and got a job in industry with a multinational company. I've passed the CPA Exams and will be certified in a couple of months. I'd been working in Internal Audit, but was asked to help out in GL Accounting a couple of months ago. By boss has now […]

Risk Assurance (IT Audit specifically): Career Paths?

I'm starting FT in Risk Assurance with PwC after graduating. Since I have accounting and MIS degrees, it seems like a great fit. However, I have read a few blogs and chatted with my professors about the future of a career in IT Audit.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but with CPA & CISA licenses, […]

Mulitple internships at different firms — Is that ok?

I have multiple offers from 3 different firms at different times. I thought I was applying only for Spring, but turned out they are for fall, spring, and summer.  Would it be frowned upon to do all of them? I see it as an opportunity to try out multiple firms in order to find the […]

Is an accent a problem for a full time offer?

Hello, I'm interning at one of the Big 4 firms this summer and I know that pretty much all you have to do is be nice, have a good attitude, and make sure people like you. I have an accent and I guess that keeps me from having the best communication skills. You can understand […]

Best Time to Join Big 4?

Hi all, I am currently at a mid-tier and I believe being at a Big 4 will opens doors for me in the future. I just finished my first busy season and applied at a Big 4, where I was told I need at least a full year of experience. Now, my question is if […]

Is there any value in atypical graduate degrees for CPAs?

I've been starting to think potential options for advanced degrees within the next few years, and am looking for some info/input on people's experience with atypical graduate degrees for CPAs – I'm closing in on two years in tax at a boutique firm currently. I had a decent GPA (3.7) in college but went to […]

California CPA requirements

So I am graduating this fall with my requirements to sit for the CPA exam in Louisiana.  I have been working for a small oil and gas company for a while as an assistant to the controller.  My plan has always been to stay in Louisiana and get licensed here.  However, I am getting married […]

Returning to Big 4?

Hey all,   Got a quick question for you Big 4 vets and beyond:   My dilemma is this:   I've previously worked 1.5 years in the big 4 and have the stripes on my back to prove it. Not a whole lot of time right? Yeah, I know.. but I recognized that all of […]

Hiring Watch ’15: H&R Block

Earlier this week, tax return assembly line H&R Block announced that it was looking for a few good accountants to join its Block Small Business service. They'll be filling six positions in the next six weeks and "an additoinal 15 to 30" in the next 12 months.   This includes Accounting Operations Managers who "are […]

For those people considering an MBA

Thought this was interesting considering the post we just had on MBA programs.

My Firm is Incompetent – How to Handle Interviews

I've been working at a CPA firm since I graduated last May. I've been working on audits, reviews, and taxes along with bookkeeping and payroll assignments. I'm the only person here (of a staff of about 15) who has worked for another CPA firm (and that was just as a tax intern). The partner started […]

Going to work for a former client

I'm currently a 2nd year associate at a Big 4. A month ago I rolled off of a client in which I really enjoyed. I've been at over 10 different clients since starting (been on a lot of smaller private jobs), and this company is the only one I can truly see myself working at […]

Just got to the Big 4 but should I leave for a better opportunity?

I have been at a national firm for 2 years in their internal audit practice, some places call it consulting and others call it advisory, it really is just internal audit nothing more nothing less. Right before my promotion to senior, I got a gig at a Big 4, also in their internal audit practice. […]

Should CPAs Consider an MBA?

In the next few weeks, business schools around the world will be starting the application process for the MBA class that will start in the fall of 2016. Most MBA programs do admissions in rounds, with the first round applications due by October, and second and third rounds coming later.  Only 30% of applications are […]

Let’s play “Who’s the A$$hole?”

My firm provides an outsourced accounting department to business clients. We keep their books, run their payroll, and prepare their financial statements in accordance with GAAP. However, we don't prepare their income tax returns. For our services, we charge a flat monthly fee.    After year-end, we send each client's annual financial statements, trial balance, […]

What’s the Hardest Part of Starting a New Job?

Right now, accountants all over this great land are thinking about their careers. On the one hand, some are reflecting, preparing for the dreadful experience of performance evaluation. Others are preparing to be promoted.  And many are thinking — not without some apprehension — about a new job. But let's skip all the hemming and hawing about […]

How soon is too soon to switch firms?

I joined a B4 firm as an experienced associate last year after spending about two years at a regional firm prior to that. During that year, I've pretty much come to the conclusion that I won't be spending more than another year or two here, at this office at least. There is not a lot […]

Micromanagement in the Big Four

I joined a big four firm as an audit associate last year after I graduated from a MAcc program. I already had many years of industry experience but wanted to try public accounting. I knew about the long hours, stress, etc. But nothing prepared me for the level of micromanagement. It's unlike anything I've ever […]

What Do You Wish You Knew Before Getting Promoted?

Promotions are something that most people are willing to sacrifice life, limb, and select loved ones to win. When you do get promoted, it's indicative of your developing skills, the growing trust that superiors place in you and, in many cases, the ability to brownnose the right people. It also means a new title, a […]

AAS or Audit?

I have always always to work in public accounting, but for X & Y reasons it was not possible after college. For the last 4 years I have worked for two private companies, have gotten my CPA license, but I just don't see how to advance my career without relevant public accounting experience. I'm currently […]

Best Raise Percentage A2 to S1?

I'm one of the top rated associates in my advisory practice (currently in high demand) and have been (verbally) promised a "large" raise come year end. All else being equal, I'd like to stay at my firm, but the pay is shitty. I've been interviewing in industry and the numbers being thrown around are +50% […]

So who quit this month?

I know all of you just went through the worst three months of your lives, which for some of you was surprisingly worse than the last time you experienced this madness. So who quit and what is your new job? Bonus: Who watched someone else leave for a better position and was left with an […]

The Coffee Test

In my now 15+ year accounting career, I have worked for a number of different companies. I worked for a Big 4 firm (and visited many different clients) and several organizations in private industry. I have developed what I believe to be a solid test for determining how "employee friendly" a company is, and this […]

Who has it ethically more challenging? CPAs in Public Practice vs. In Industry

Many CPAs transition from public to private accounting. What are some of the common ethical challenges they face in each role, and who has it more challenging?

Thinking of going to a client

I'm in advisory and currently staffed on this client (not an audit client). I've been looking for an exit and interviewing with other firms. At the same time, some changes have happened at the client and now they're looking to fill a position which matches my skillset. The project sponsor also likes the work I've […]

Thoughts on Alvarez & Marsal?

Hi virtual friends–I did a couple quick searches on the GoingConcern site hoping to find some useful insight on A&M, but I didn't see much out there.  I was hoping some of you may have heard of A&M or better yet know people who work(ed) there.  I am an audit associate at a Big Four […]

What Career Questions Do You Have for the PCAOB’s Director of Inspections?

As we've discussed, it's time for you to look for a new job; yes, even if you're not interested in leaving your current gig. For the auditors out there, you may or may not have considered the possibility of joining the PCAOB. While the mere mention of the Board causes some auditors to fly into […]

Franchise Tax Board tax auditor career path

Hi guys and gals, I want to know what kind of career path is available for a tax auditor.  I submitted my application for various tax position, including the Franchise Tax Board in California and I want to know if that organization can be considered a reasonable option. If you worked for the FTB, can […]

CFO Career Path and Education

Hello, GC community. I'm nowhere being in the C-Suite anytime soon, as I'm not even a high school graduate yet. But I plan on being a CFO someday and I have a few questions unanswered that are bothering me and if anyone could enlighten me on them, it would be much appreciated. First, I do […]

Industry Preferences

Hi, I was asked to rank industry team preferences but can't decide which one is most interesting, since they all sound interesting to me. I was wondering if any of you can add your personal experience in the industries mentioned or which of the following will benefit me the most in the future.  Thank you. […]

Mid-tier Audit to B4 TS

Hello, I am a staff at a mid-teir firm in the audit practice. I am approaching the end of my second busy season and have started thinking about what the hell im doing with my life. I do not know if corporate accounting is for me and dont really see myself taking a senior staff […]

Thoughts on new direction

A little about me I graduated with my MSA in 2011 and started working with GT in a middle market that was closer to home.  I always knew I wanted to get away from my region eventually and upon promotion to Sr. Associate I wound up transferring to our Boston office.  Unfortunately I chose the […]

Anyone taken the ABV exam?

As the title asks, has anyone taken this? Would this be valuable at all if one is looking to get into corporate finance after public? Maybe I'm just bored after the CPA exam, but it seems like this might be interesting.

Do Any Millennials Want to Work at the IRS Non-ironically?

Hating the IRS is as American as baseball and capital punishment. This almost universal derision may be part of the reason the Service has such a hard time finding younger employees. Bloomberg reports that more than half of IRS employees are over 50 while only 3% are under 30, citing a recent speech by IRS […]

Opening Day, Accounting Career Edition

Today we welcome back Paul Gillis, best known for his China Accounting Blog. He is a former PwC partner, former member of PCAOB SAG, and accounting professor at Peking University.   Today is opening day, the beginning of the Major League Baseball season for 28 teams.  The loveable losers the Chicago Cubs opened yesterday; they can’t […]

Doing Bookkeeping and Tax Work at Home

I am a CPA mom with 3 school age children. I was a Fund Accounting Analyst for 2 years. Then I quit my job to be a stay at mom for seven years. As my children were getting older, I went back to work.  I have been working as a seasonal tax preparer and a […]

Big 4 Senior Curious about Technology Industry

As the headline indicates, I'm a senior that's thinking of venturing into a new industry practice (currently in FS). I'm curious about tech–mostly, to be quite honest, because that seems like the type of workplace I'd like to end up after I leave public accounting (which is pretty much inevitable after, hopefully, I end up […]

Avoiding Tax at Big 4

Hey GC, I am currently finishing up my 3rd year of college and am anticipating to possibly finish early. I transferred to where I am currently at, and wasn't really planning on getting my CPA until I got here, and ended up completing some more accounting classes on top of my main major (Economics). I […]

The Evolution of an Auditing Intern

This is not meant to be all-inclusive. But for those of you that don’t know how, or are too afraid to take charge of your career, this is the dark and dirty road you’ll be heading down very, very quickly…   The Internship The smiley, enthusiastic intern. We all remember them. They are grateful for […]

Finance to accounting now……

I graduated with Finance degree in 2008 and since finance jobs were hard to find I ended up going into mortgage brokering where learned sales and luckily was in a part of the country where the housing crisis wasn’t as bad and did a lot of refinances. The bank I was working for paid for […]

Sales Tax Auditing

I know most of the people are auditors for CPA firms but I was wondering what are your thoughts on sales tax auditors and do you have any experience with them. I work for a southern state in a Midwestern office and travel around the mid-west. We usually travel two weeks at a time and […]

Career Outlook for Accounting Advisory Services?

I'm currently in audit (first year big 4 Senior) but I've always been intrigued by accounting advisory services. By far, I enjoy most the opportunities when I get to research accounting guidance. I'm curious as to what the career path is like (obviously partner if you stay public but what about industry?) and the work […]