July 21, 2018

Ladama Escort

Which SpongeTech Founder Celebrated Suing Reporters and Critics with a Zurich Hooker?

Back in May, we briefly mentioned the alleged fraud at SpongeTech, a company that specialized in sponges that “can be pre-loaded with detergents and waxes, which are absorbed in the core of the product thd during use.” How this is different from using regular sponge isn’t quite clear (dry sponge + soap + water = sponge ready for use). Maybe it’s the “gradual release”?

But that’s neither here nor there. As you may recall, the allegations brought against founders Michael Metter and Steven Moscowitz include making up five customers that accounted for 99% of SpongeTech’s revenues.

But what’s extra-important today is that investigative journalist Roddy Boyd has some interesting details over at his blog, The Financial Investigator that indicate that either Metter or Moscowitz (not exactly clear which) was looking for a little release themselves:

Dicon Technologies LLC, a company that SpongeTech managed to acquire and run into the ground in about one year’s time, was put into bankruptcy in June. As part of that, its schedule of assets and liabilities (which contains line item details of cash outflows) suggests that one of the two at least got something more out of fleecing their investors than money. On April 22 and then again on April 23, two charges were made using a Dicon-issued debit card for $609.55 and $606.14, respectively, to a Zurich-based escort service. [Ed. note: NSFW but hey, you make your own decisions]

If you’re not willing to check out the site for yourself, we’ll share some of the particulars (this is translated from German):

Super horny girls are looking forward to meeting you. Whether at your home, your office, hotel or some other place. As an escort agency, we offer the full service, and round the clock. Looking for a sexy companion for a fancy party, a dinner or the absolutely thrilling adventure of your sexual performance? Then you are at [the] absolutely right [place]! [Ed. note: we took a stab there] We offer for every taste and every occasion the right girl. We are sure, with us you find your dream girl, who suits you! Wherever you are, in Zurich, Bern, Lucerne, Winterthur and Basel, Aarau and Olten – we come to you and visit – no charge, no hidden costs!

Call us and arrange an appointment with the model of your choice. How fancy your needs may be, our taboos and attractive models are open to many hot games and are looking forward to meeting you.

Ladama Escort has been known for some years on the market and knows the needs of customers. We take the time to advise you on important issues and offer you the opportunity to support the idea to take your request accordingly. Experience unforgettable moments and the absolute kick!

Really the best part of this is when Boyd points out that one of the dates where an unforgettable moment may have taken place – April 23rd – was the same day “[T]he company sued several reporters and critics for a host of now entirely preposterous charges centering around defamation and conspiracy (I am referenced in the suit, but not named.)”

So you’re in Zurich, erroneously sue some reporters and critics of your company’s trumped up numbers and you want some company that can provide an erotic massage, leather or latex, a dildo show that may or may not speak a lick of English.

Who wouldn’t, amiright? After a long day of cooking the books you probably figure you deserve some your choice of [insert]job and since the company you just purchased is passing out debit cards, you best make the most of it.

Update: The Dirty Sponge Men Redefine the Concept of Working Capital [The Financial Investigator]