July 19, 2018

Crony Links

Crony Links: Accountant Character Traits; Running a Business From Home; Prepping Young People for the Workplace

Plus, accountants don't bite? Have you ever cut the line at Chipotle in front of a hungry one?  Open Items Tax vs. Advisory – There's No Definitive Answer AccountingWEB What 5 Character Traits Do Accountants Need? AWEB Forums What skills does a second-year need most? The Queen's AccountingWEB Most accountants don’t bite: Do you? BusinessZone How to run a […]

Crony Links: Poetic Project Management; Calculator Memories; Talking to Talent

You might as well face it, you're addicted to links. Open Items Changing Industry Specialization as an Audit Senior AccountingWEB Can Project Management Be Poetic? AWEB Forums Sales-Tax Holidays: Good or Bad? The Queen's AccountingWEB 7 top calculator memories BusinessZone Why business owners can now be connected away from their desk HRZone Talk to your talent today about their tomorrow MyCustomer Busting […]

Crony Links: Big 4 Turnover; Dealing with Time Pressure; How Connected Are You?

Links will keep us together. Open Items Reasons for high turnover at Big 4 AccountingWEB Constant Time Pressure is not Your Fate AWEB Forums What skills does a second-year need most? The Queen's AccountingWEB Terminal illness is not a reasonable excuse BusinessZone 'Success is going from failure to failure with enthusiasm' HRZone The science behind a happy and productive workforce MyCustomer How […]

Crony Links: Background Check Stress; Your Dream Job; Work Relationships > Salary

Link and let die. Open Items Stressing about Background Check AccountingWEB Can Software Really Replace Accountants? AWEB Forums Your Accounting Dream Job The Queen's AccountingWEB Can I take action against my accountant for incompetence? BusinessZone A business guide to managing stress & achieving a work/life balance HRZone Good relationships at work more important than salary, survey finds My Customer Are business blogs […]

Crony Links: Screwing Up Delegation; Great Accountants; Discussing Pay

These links are brought to you by Dewey, Cheetum & Howe. Open Items Messed up on recruiting season AccountingWEB The 16 Ways to Screw Up Delegation AWEB Forums Qualities of a Great Accountant The Queen's AccountingWEB Excel Tip: How to automate Paste Special BusinessZone How to double your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & LinkedIn followers HRZone The taboo of discussing pay […]

Crony Links: Maintain Your CPA; Making Time for a Start-up Firm; Career Plans Are Worthless

Thank God it's link day.  Open Items Continue to Maintain CPA License? AccountingWEB Hiring Forecast Has Good News for Accountants AWEB Forums Qualities of a Great Accountant The Queen's AccountingWEB Freeing up time to build a start-up practice BusinessZone Inside the mind of a small business investor HRZone Career plans are worthless, but flexible planning is everything MyCustomer Should we treat unprofitable […]

Crony Links: High Functioning Fun; Second-year Associate Skills; Free Mentoring

You can lead a reader to links, but you can't make it read. Open Items Leave before I find out my raise? AccountingWEB How to Put the 'Fun' in 'High Functioning' AWEB Forums What skills does a second-year need most? The Queen's AccountingWEB What kind of accountant are you? BusinessZone Been there and done it: Brilliant business lessons from a […]

Crony Links: Perm-Temp Accountants; An Excel Puzzle; Manager Skills

Get your link on. Open Items Ex-Big 4 Auditor Needs Advice on Next Career Move AccountingWEB How to Become a Temporary Accountant AWEB Forums Excel Puzzler: MAXIF without an Array Function BusinessZone Meet the World Entrepreneur of the Year HRZone Better sleep is four simple steps away MyCustomer Infographic: The art of deception in advertising TrainingZone Ten skills for the modern […]

Crony Links: How to Create Excel’s Equivalent to MAXIF; Fear of Phones; Women Candidates in EY’s EOY Awards

Link even though no one is reading, link even though you've never been linked to, link even though no one clicks, link even though the Internet is filled with mindless crap. Open Items Does This Count As Work Experience for CPA in NY AccountingWEB Creating Excel's Equivalent of MAXIF AWEB Forums #VALUE! Error Due to Blank Space […]

Crony Links: Big 4 Tax; How to Handle Executives; Don’t Give Social Media to the Intern

After a week off, CL returns because you can't keep a good link down. Open Items Is Big 4 Tax a Dead End Job? AccountingWEB How to Handle the Executive Client AWEB Forums How do I change the text Excel uses during autofill? The Queen's AccountingWEB Jailed accountant gives tax seminar to inmates BusinessZone Why giving social media to an […]