July 18, 2018

CPA Exam

Becker just updated and I take the exam on Friday…HELP!

So I was on a roll studying for my last section of the CPA exam when the Becker site closed for maintenance…unannounced. When I was able to get back in, the only materials available were in the new exam format. The chapters didn't align with my book or the fastpass couse that I just took […]

How much time to expect studying for the CPA?

Appreciate any valuable input, I am just looking for a passing score, since I will be starting in industry my schedule will not be as tight as in public. Thanks. 

Taking the CPA exam internationally

Hey all, I am currently a U.S citizen and resident and wish to be abroad for the next 18 months for personal reasons.  During this time I'd like to study full-time for the exam, but the FAQ page on the NASBA site is wicked confusing (https://www.aicpa.org/BecomeACPA/CPAExam/ForCandidates/DownloadableDocuments/InternationalExamFAQ.pdf).  One paragraph talks about how you won't be accepted […]

Forget everything from Uni. How to prep for CPA?

Hello I graduated from a Bachelor of Commerce program specializing in accounting 2 years ago.  I would like to enroll in the CPA program but I feel like I don't remember anything from school.  Unfortunately, I was the type of student that memorized, didn't fully understand the concepts and got marks in the 70s. I […]

How to get proof of 1000 audit hours after leave the current company?

Hi GC people, glad I found this community here! I have a quesiton about how to get a full disclosure CPA license. I started in audit practice in Jan 2015 at my current employer, but I'm about to switch to tax at a new company at the end of month (true passion, got the audit job too early in college). I […]

1 Year work Experience Requirement Question

Assuming I pass all 4 parts of the CPA Exam in Texas.   Questions: 1. Is there any other way to meet the 1 year work experience under a licensed CPA than work for a firm with a licensed CPA? I am asking this question because I intend to start my own consulting practice in […]


So the exams as you know are long. I have a FAR test planned for early July. I expect my attention span to whither quickly. I need blood pumping through my veins to keep that attention span going. I would LOVE to be able to do like 50 pushups, bicycle crunches, or whatever…Does prometric typically […]

Process of Applying to Taking the CPA

So I am planning on taking the CPA exam as a candidate for Georgia and am going to be taking my exams in Texas. I have been trying to contact the states to set up my exams but wanted some advice on the best way to go about signing up for the exams and planning […]

Can I sit for the CPA in one state and work in another?

I am looking to get my CPA this summer. I have planning on moving from Georgia to Texas. In Georgia I meet the requirements to sit for the exam  where as in Texas I do not. What are the most important decision points in deciding which state to sit for the exam in? Can I […]

Am I too dumb for accounting?

I just found out I failed AUD with a 59. After I graduated I thought I would pass all the tests with high scores and would get a good job as an above average accountant. Now I am wondering if I am too dumb to be an accountant. I am too ashamed to tell my […]