November 13, 2018

Switching from Public accounting (Tax) to government

Worked at a small CPA firm after college,  mainly doing tax but also some bookkeeping and other related functions.  After 5 years I landed a job at a mid-sized regional firm in the Tax Department. 

I was promoted to manager after 2 years there.  My first year as a manager was rough, in part due to transitioning to my new role, understaffing issues in our department and the fact that we changed our tax software systems early in the year.  I felt stressed out but decided to stick it out another year to be sure this wasn’t just due to the factors listed above.

The next year went much smoother but honestly I don’t think I want to stay in Public accounting.  I have a few friends who work government jobs and I’m a little jealous of their flexible schedules.  


I know the exit opportunities are way better from audit but does anyone have experience or know anyone who has gone from Tax to Government?  I’m pretty sure I will take a pay cut initially, and have lower earning potential but I don’t see myself being happy staying in public accounting long term.

The IRS seems like the most obvious place to start looking but open to suggestions.

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