November 13, 2018

State Comptroller Job or big 4?

Hello All,

I’m currently a potential candidate for a sales tax auditor job with the state comptroller. I also have a big 4 offer on the table as an audit associate (starting salaries for both are around the same). I want to work for the comptroller due to the benefits that one gets with a state job (health, retirement, PTO, etc.) but I also want to work for the big 4 due to the exit opportunities.

Is it silly for me to even consider this job with the state comptroller when I have the big 4 offer? The only reason I want to work for the big 4 is for the exit opportunities and prestige. I don’t know what kind of exit opportunities I would have as a tax auditor with the comptroller. I also don’t look forward to the insane big 4 hours. The comptroller gig is an 8-5, which will afford me some work life balance to study for the CPA and spend time with my family.

What should I do?

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