Spotted: The AICPA’s Restroom Marketing Campaign

Our tipster writes:

The marketing gurus at the AICPA posted this above the hand dryer in the men's bathroom of a local dive bar!  What better time to think about retirement then after some $2 Miller Lite bottles, $.15 wings, and 100 losing Cubs seasons? 

What's next?  Perhaps advertising that all CGMAs must wash their hands before returning to their useless designations?  

Actually, Benjamin Bankes might argue that getting you while you're otherwise occupied with taking a leak might be a perfect time to think about retirement. What are you doing wasting your life at the dive bar drinking bad beer when you could be investing that money in your future??

The ad in question:

Now, it's entirely possible this is less a targeted bathroom campaign as it is similar to what happened when angry anti-blowhards raged against the AICPA for advertising Feed the Pig on the Rush Limbaugh Show. The AICPA didn't actually buy ad space on that show, rather the Ad Council gets donated media space and time for PSAs and fills them with various campaigns like Feed the Pig. So it's pretty likely this dive bar had an open slot in the men's room and it ended up filled with a Feed the Pig ad.

Class dismissed. Go back to your hot wings before they get cold.


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