August 21, 2018

A Poem for #AuditorProud Day

auditorproud poem

I am an auditor. I am proud. Say it with me nice and loud.

I am an auditor. I am proud. I’m a proud auditor, no exceptions allowed.

I audit all day, I audit all night. I am proud to audit with all my might.

Sure we screw up now and then: Enron, WordCom, the worst crisis since the Great Depression.

But make no mistake, auditors are here, to bug their clients every year.

About revenue, about cash, we bug our clients unabashed.

I am an auditor. I am proud. Say it with me nice and loud.

I am a proud auditor, who’s not afraid, that a robot may take my job someday.

And if a robot comes along, I’ll stay audit strong, because I’m #auditorproud all day long.

I am an auditor I am proud. I even audit in THE CLOUD.

Oh, you think a robot can have pride? I’d like to see it try.

Plus, who wants robots anyway? Have you seen Terminator 2: Judgment Day?

I am an auditor. I am proud. Say it with me nice and loud.

My firm gives me tons of swag, and #auditorproud is my hashtag.

My firm is growing big and strong, just not audit, since consulting came along.

Sure, consultants are ascendant, but can they be independent?

Come to think of it, consultants wouldn’t be, where they are today if it weren’t for me.

I am an auditor. I am proud. Say it with me nice and loud.

An auditor’s work is never done, that’s why we have no time for fun.

We keep watch, we stand guard, just don’t ask us to find fraud.

What’s that you say? That sounds like crap? That’s the expectations gap.

Now, if you don’t mind, I’m kinda beat, plus I have to do my timesheet.

I am an auditor. I am proud. Say it with me nice and loud.

Image: iStock/CREATISTA

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