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Okay, so concerning the type of person who becomes an accountant, do you think it really matters all that much? I mean, as long as you have the discipline to stick with something, and learn, isn't that enough? Isn't it just a skill?

I sometimes hear people say that you need a certain "personality" in order to be an accountant, but I almost feel like that's like saying "I can't drive a car; I'm an introvert." It's just something that you learn how to do, and as long as you're a grown up and don't have a really extreme personality–say for instance, you need to live in a different country every six months or walk tightropes across high buildings for fun–there is a position within the field for anyone. 

Agree, disagree? Any accounts out there who want to share stories of how they found their particular niche within the field, please do so. 


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