November 20, 2018

Party Animals at Irish University Accounting Club Suspended for Fratty Rager on Campus

Drunk Kermit

Those who believe accounting students are all buttoned-up introverts obviously haven’t met the Accounting and Finance Society at Dublin City University, which was suspended this month after word of their wild and crazy activities got back to school leaders.

At an October 4 “initiation” for first-years, committee hopefuls were asked to engage in a variety of tasks, starting with popping a balloon placed between their partner’s legs. OK, that’s not so bad. Next, they were divided up by singles and those in a relationship; the singles were asked to make out with each other to advance to the next round, while the folks in a relationship played a Truth or Dare-style game that consisted only of dares and ended up with at least one guy texting his girlfriend to say he had an STD.

The two-hour rager took place on campus, and also involved some dude getting wasted and falling off a table while stripping down to his skivvies. The last man standing (literally) would win a coveted first-year rep position with the club.

In a statement, the DCU Students’ Union said they denounce the events that took place at the A&F event:

The Society Life Committee who are the governing body of societies at DCU have assured the students’ union that appropriate action has been taken against the society with a further action planned to address this culture as a whole such as running respect and dignity workshops for society committees.

Over 460 people have signed a petition started by the DCU Feminist Society calling for the immediate resignation of the current A&F Society governing executive committee. It reads:

We are deeply concerned about the unspeakable conduct of the A&F Society governing executive committee at their EGM on Thursday 4th October and the lack of appropriate response thus far. It has come to light that the committee knowingly and repeatedly harassed multiple first year students continuously throughout the event, and in fact, that this harassment took prime focus of the event itself.

Aside from the obvious fact that this gross misconduct has no part in the democratic election of a first year representative, this behaviour by all accounts constitutes harassment. This is not just a violation of the DCU Policy to Promote Respect and to Protect Dignity (2003) but a deeply serious violation of the trust placed in the A&F governing executive committee by its membership and the DCU student body at large.

Clearly, these kids know how to party.

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