Oregon Department of Revenue Sensitive to the Fact That Some Religious Groups Think Filing Tax Forms Electronically Is of the Devil

Are there any accountants out there that moonlight as religious scholars? I know you're out there. If you could help put the sixth question on the FAQ page of the Oregon Department of Revenue's website into some kind of context, we'd all be grateful:

I am a member of a recognized religious group. My religious group is conscientiously opposed to filing electronically. How do I comply with the law? 
Do you qualify for the federal religious exemption? If so, you also qualify for exemption under Oregon law. Attach federal form 8948, Preparer Explanation for Not Filing Electronically, to your clients' paper returns. Check box 3 and write your Oregon license number at the top. You aren't required to apply for the Oregon only waiver. 
The Amish, maybe? I got nothing.

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