August 21, 2018

Oracle & SAP Practices at Big 4

This site seems to be primarily for B4 Tax & Audit but hoping there are some Advisory consultants here that can answer my questions.  Appreciate any information you can give me.

I am with Accenture and have done SAP & Oracle. I am considering making a move to B4 and am trying to do my research.  My questions are

1.  At Accenture our consulting levels are Analyst, Sr Analyst, Consultant, Manager, Sr Manager and Managing Director (Partner).  What are the levels for PWC, KPMG, EY & Deloitte?

2.  Are SAP & Oracle practices relatively large in each B4, do they bring in significant revenue?  Does one B4 have larger practice than the others?

3.  There are many global projects and its common for Accenture consultants to fly internationally. Do B4 have alot off opportunities to travel globally?

4.  At Accenture, all our consulting resources go thru a centralized training facility in Chicago.  What is B4 training like?

5.  In general, what is B4 perception of Accenture hires?


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