January 17, 2019

Which college accounting course had the biggest impact on you and your career?

Open ItemsCategory: CareersWhich college accounting course had the biggest impact on you and your career?
Jason BramwellJason Bramwell Staff asked 4 months ago

A while back I wrote an article on controllers of nonprofit organizations, and one of the controllers I spoke to said a course she took at the University of Houston on nonprofit and governmental accounting had the biggest impact on her, and she then knew she wanted to pursue a career in the nonprofit world. So, was there one particular accounting course you took in college that still resonates with you today? What was it, and why?

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MelanieCPAMelanieCPA answered 3 months ago

I would say my forensic auditing course had a significant impact on me. I found it fascinating and it helped me to see that auditing would be one of my favorite subjects. I’m so grateful that during my career I have had lots of variety. I have been a staff accountant which I think is perfect for learning the basics of accounting. I was an internal auditor (intern and career) and was able to travel domestically and internationally. That career path laid the groundwork to becoming a Controller. And now I own my own small business using all of those skills in addition to taxation. 
The largest impact, though, came from when I was studying to become a CPA and was using http://www.rogercpareview.com for my study materials. That was when I was formally introduced to the multiple areas of accounting. And having those three letters behind my name helped me to have the opportunity to pursue various career paths. 
What prompted you to ask this question? Are you trying to figure out a career path for yourself?

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