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Jcnissijcnissi asked 1 year ago

I was wondering if anyone knew how KPMG’s background check works?  The reason I ask is that they have asked me to fill out their online employment form, however, nowhere in the questionnaire does it ask me for phone numbers or email addresses of my previous employers.   My only concern is that many of the companies on my resume have been acquired by other firms, so how would KPMG be able to verify my prior employment without me providing contact info?

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Corn29corn29 answered 1 year ago

> they probably won’t care to verify.  
This is horrible advice.  I’ll get to that in a second.
I’m new to KPMG… started 6 months ago.  
I found the hiring process to be curious at best.
KPMG was the first job I’ve ever had that didn’t require a pre-employment drug screen… just electronically singing a form saying I’ll abide by their substance abuse policy.
KPMG’s background check will find everything.  It did for me.  I worked for a staffing firm a couple of years ago and they never paid me.  So after 4 weeks of that I stopped showing up.  The employment wasn’t that long (2 months).  I left it off of my application form (not on purpose — just brain farted), KPMG found it, and my start date got delayed while HR investigated why I, ahem, “mislead”, them.
For my certifications, I gave them certifying authority information, my certificate number, and a picture of my certs, yet KPMG had problems verifying my credentials.  
The whole process was really weird.  Part incompetence.  Part getting into the weeds on things which shouldn’t matter.  Part not caring about things which should matter.
You can leave non-relevant employment off of your resume… BUT NOT your application.  KPMG seems to find that and care even if it was McDonalds or something.

Jcnissi replied 1 year ago

Thanks this is very helpful especially since I’ve done some additional contract work on the side while at the same time being full-time employed. I have found that their interviewing process was sub-par as well.

How long did it take for the background check to complete?

Big4EscapeeBig4 Escapee answered 1 year ago

Prior employer information might come over on the credit check, or some service like The Work Number.
What level are you?  If you’re a new staff, and your resume includes being an assistant manager at a mini-mart that got bought by 7-11, they probably won’t care to verify.  Or they’ll ask you, and you can just give them the info you have.  A former employer being acquired happens.  At least they didn’t completely go out of business.  And even if they did, if you have a W-2 or paystub, that’d probably be enough.

Jcnissi replied 1 year ago

I’ll be coming in as an experienced manager on the consulting side. A few of the companies I’ve worked for in the past have been acquired by other corporations. Having been part of those M&A deals in the past, I know how “messy” the record keeping can be; most post-merger integrations never go smoothly. Nonetheless, my concern is that if I’m not providing the contact information, I’m not sure how KPMG would be able to accurately do the background check. My second concern is obtaining some of this information (i.e. W-2, paystubs, etc) since I only keep tax records for the past three years. Getting the historical information from the IRS website will take weeks, even though I have already started that process just in case.

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