Is Barry Melancon A Circus Clown?

Open ItemsCategory: Financial ReportingIs Barry Melancon A Circus Clown?
SludgemonkeySludgemonkey asked 1 year ago

Man that guy has made a lot of money off the sweat of our backs saying some awful goofy stuff.  Latest comments re: blockchain a prime example.

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Chipman 69Chipman69 answered 1 year ago

Barry is a NONDYNAMIC professional who penetrates AICPA members as a CHOSEN MARKET, even though he lacks an INSTINCT FOR GROWTH and has a micro WHOLE SELF!!!!!

SludgemonkeySludgemonkey replied 1 year ago

Are you suggesting he has a small johnson?

Chipman 69Chipman69 replied 1 year ago

Are you and I the only DYNAMIC hold overs from the previous site??? Are we the only members DYNAMIC enough to penetrate this new CHOSEN MARKET with our WHOLE SELVES engorged by our INSTINCT FOR GROWTH???

SludgemonkeySludgemonkey answered 1 year ago

I am always trying to thrust myself into every opportunity.  

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