Do you believe the CPA Exam course rankings websites?

Open ItemsCategory: CPA ExamDo you believe the CPA Exam course rankings websites?
JennyOnTheCPABlockJennyOnTheCPABlock asked 11 months ago

There are a bunch of CPA Exam Review ranking web sites –,, AIS-CPA, iPASStheCPA, etc.. All of these sites claim to be an affiliate and disclose on their website that they take $ in exchange for the rankings.  Thus, I am not sure you should believe these rankings.  In fact, they all have Becker at #5 who is the market leader so I guess Becker doesn\’t pay them?

Also, seems odd how they all have similar rankings and quite odd rationale.  My guess is to not believe them and make sure you do your own homework but wanted to get others opinions.  I would think that pass rates are the best proof but who can you believe?

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Davidcpagraydavidcpagray answered 7 months ago

Those sites are affiliate sites. They make around 5% commission on average for every course that people sign up for via their site. If you click on their links and then buy a site on Roger CPA within 30 days, they get a commission.  
Becker does not participate in the affiliate network and that is why it is ranked poorly.  You can’t believe anything you read on a site that ranks Becker #5. After all, it is the leading CPA review course with the highest pass rate.  I personally think Becker is quite overpriced but that does not take away from the fact that they have helped tens of thousands of students. 
These affiliate sites never allow a positive comment (all their blog comments are fake) about a course that is not in their affiliate network.  That’s how you know their information is not truthful. 
Do not pay any attention to these ranking sites.   

Sarah TellerSarah Teller replied 7 months ago

Hmmmm… sounds exactly like what a Becker employee would say while trolling GC.. jus sayin.

Davidcpagray replied 7 months ago

Hmmmm – didn’t you notice that I wrote that I think “Becker is quite overpriced.” I’m not a fan of Becker by any stretch of the imagination. However, my criticism was the spammy affiliate sites pretending to do real reviews.

Do you care to comment on the validity of anything I said?

MelanieCPAMelanieCPA answered 7 months ago

I think you’ll get more value from testing out the product yourself and deciding on your own. Most products have a trial period so that you can try it out. When I was studying for the cpa exam, I first tried Becker, but used expired material. I know. Bad idea. I didn’t want to pay that much money. Then I switched to CPA Excel, but still wasn’t passing the exams. Thankfully, I happened upon Roger CPA Review while searching on YouTube for better lectures and loved his teaching style. Once I switched and fine tuned my study program, I was able to finally pass the CPA exam. Here is a link to Roger CPA review if you want to give their products a try: 
Hope this helps and let us know what you end up deciding! 

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