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GNUcpaGNUcpa asked 9 months ago

2018 updated.. what courses do you recommend for me to pass the CPA Exam?  Looks like Becker is too traditional and expensive.  I have heard great things about Surgent CPA Review.  Any other comments?

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Jamesgblock1jamesgblock1 answered 9 months ago

I have also heard about some of my friends passing with Surgent CPA.  I know Becker has been around for quite some time.  It seems to be more than 2x the price.  Read the online reviews on facebook and social media.  The ranking sites are bit spammy and get paid to rank.

MelanieCPAMelanieCPA answered 7 months ago

I passed the CPA exam using Roger CPA Review. He has tons of free content on YouTube so check him out. I like his lectures, because not only are they entertaining, but very informative. He taught all the way to the JE level of detail which helped me understand the concepts. Hope this helps and wishing you much success on your CPA journey. 

Aaron replied 7 months ago

I too passed with using Roger CPA Review. For me, the lectures were the main part of my study plan. Roger is definitely entertaining and while, it wasn’t as fun as watching Netflix for 4 hours, he made the material interesting and you didn’t fall asleep.

MelanieCPA replied 7 months ago

Awesome! Congrats on passing! He was so funny. I still replay some of those chants and jokes in my mind sometimes.

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