June 19, 2018

Small CPA Firm ~> Big 4 ~> Corporate Executive (CFO)

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DoubleHelixDoubleHelix asked 2 weeks ago

What are your thoughts on starting out your career in smaller firms vs Big 4?
Do you think career prospects are hurt if you don’t start out at a Big 4?
For example, would it hurt your chances of becoming a CFO for a large corporation if you started at a small CPA firm after college, worked there for 5 years, then became Manager at a Big 4 company and worked there for another 5 years?
As opposed to starting at a Big 4 after college, working there for 3-5 years, then moving to the industry at a large corporation?
Do you think there is there a preferred path in this case or does it not really matter?
The reason I ask is because I’ve read many CFO bios that say “John Smith, CPA started his career at a Big 4” so I’m curious what difference it makes where you start…