Oh, So You Want to Quit Your Job? Tell Me About The Farewell Email You Wrote

Listen, I think we're all still a little traumatized by the last farewell email posted on this website, so while the following farewell can't hold a candle to that one (I am hoping we never receive a farewell email of that caliber ever again, really), we're posting this one for two reasons. First, MEMES. Second, we all need a reminder to keep it light, professional, and fun just in case you ever run into anyone you worked with, or ever want to work anywhere again for that matter.

Bonus points to Bethany for the custom memes as well as her professionalism on the way out the door. Take note, children.


Well folks.  Some thought the day would never come.  Often, that included me.  But as you all knew within 3 ½ minutes of the news becoming public (God bless that grapevine of ours it is impressive), I’m flying the coop. 

If one thing has kept me up late at night for the last 2 weeks since accepting an offer to go be the Accounting Manager at [place that isn't Deloitte], it’s the fact that [some other guy in the office] and I were quitting on the same day, and that meant the bar for farewell emails was going to be set wickedly high by a hilarious custom Audit Comic. 

Now, this might come as a shock, but,

Right?!  No joke.  I was blown away when I found out, too.

Now, I have to say my departure is a little bittersweet.  That is, bitter for you, sweet for me. 

Okay, I kid.  The bitter in it for me is that being surrounded by you people (yes, “you people”) for the last 4 years has been awesome.  About 99.9% of the time it made everything else worth it.  Because y’all are just that great.  I’ve made lifelong friendships and a metric shit ton of really awesome memories.  I’ve also grown professionally in ways I’m probably not able to even measure yet in my career.  And that basket of life-changing experiences has all led me down my career/life-path to where I now head off to today.  The bar.



Senior Executive Head Chiefton of All That Is Audit Awesome

*drops mic*


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