October 23, 2018

Grant Thornton Admits 32 New Partners and Principals

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This just in from the Purple Rose of Chicago:

Grant Thornton LLP has admitted 32 new partners and principals, and promoted 29 to managing director, effective today.

Specifically, 20 new partners and 12 new principals are members of the class of 2018. Here’s how this year’s numbers compare to previous years’ new partner/principal promotions at Grant Thornton:

Thirty-six percent of this year’s class of new partners, principals, and managing directors are women, up from 23% in 2017 and 21% in 2016.

The service line with the most number of promotions is … tax (38%). Advisory services has the second-most amount of newbies (33%), followed by audit (20%), internal client services (6%), and national client services (3%).

I know you’re probably wondering, “What exactly do all of these individuals have in common?” Well, CEO Mike McGuire has your answer:

“Our new partners, principals and managing directors are curious, collaborative and innovative, all of which align to our values and ‘Status Go’ identity.”

So, it’s time to meet these curious, collaborative, and innovative individuals. Here’s the Grant Thornton class of 2018 (name, title, service line, location):

  • Christopher Baratta, Principal, Advisory, Dallas
  • Cal Bassford, Principal, Advisory, Baltimore
  • Aurpon Bhattacharya, Principal, Advisory, Alexandria, Va.
  • Allen Brandsdorfer, Principal, Tax, New York
  • Rob Buhrman, Principal, Advisory, Alexandria, Va.
  • Mike Burgess, Managing Director, Audit, Charlotte, N.C.
  • Veronica Caputo, Managing Director, Tax, Atlanta
  • Mike Carter, Managing Director, Advisory, Charlotte, N.C.
  • David Cavin, Principal, Tax, Chicago
  • Sylvia Cho, Principal, Advisory, Chicago
  • Jeff Cook, Managing Director, Tax, Chicago
  • Eric Coombs, Partner, Tax, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
  • John Cristiano, Partner, Advisory, New York
  • Ash Dalnoot, Managing Director, Audit, Boston
  • Jennifer Daniel, Partner, Audit, Houston
  • Melissa Dimitri, Managing Director, Advisory, Chicago
  • Tony Dinola, Partner, Advisory, Charlotte, N.C.
  • Mike Eder, Managing Director, Advisory, Alexandria, Va.
  • Rebekah Feather, Partner, Tax, Dallas
  • Justin Ferguson, Managing Director, Tax, Metro DC
  • Tim Gallagher, Partner, Tax, Charlotte, N.C.
  • Tracy Hennesy, Partner, Tax, Houston
  • Kevin Hinton, Partner, Tax, Portland, Ore.
  • Chanson Ho, Managing Director, Advisory, Los Angeles
  • Brent Johnson, Managing Director, Advisory, Minneapolis
  • Jeff Johnson, Managing Director, Advisory, Alexandria, Va.
  • Powell Jones, Managing Director, Advisory, Atlanta
  • Melanie Krygier, Principal, Tax, San Francisco
  • Louise Labrie, Principal, Advisory, Los Angeles
  • Rich Lanza, Managing Director, National Client Services, Iselin, N.J.
  • Jeff Lawton, Managing Director, Advisory, Alexandria, Va.
  • Tom Libeg, Partner, Advisory, Cleveland
  • Dave Maturo, Managing Director, Internal Services, Philadelphia
  • Cassie Melebeck, Managing Director, Tax, Houston
  • David Murdock, Managing Director, Tax, San Jose, Calif.
  • Meredith Murphy, Managing Director, Advisory, Minneapolis
  • Hilary Penrod, Partner, Audit, Tulsa, Okla.
  • Mark Power, Managing Director, Internal Services, Oakbrook, Ill.
  • Renee Reynolds, Managing Director, Tax, Southfield, Mich.
  • Amanda Richardson, Partner, Tax, Kansas City, Mo.
  • Debbie Rollins, Partner, Audit, Dallas
  • Wendy Rotz, Managing Director, Tax, District of Columbia
  • Harris Sessions, Partner, Audit, Chicago
  • Nola Showers, Managing Director, Tax, Philadelphia
  • Zach Snickles, Partner, Advisory, Phoenix
  • Hina Sodha, Managing Director, Internal Services, Chicago
  • Jesica Speer, Principal, Tax, Chicago
  • Dustin Stamper, Managing Director, Tax, District of Columbia
  • Chris Stathopoulos, Principal, Internal Services, Chicago
  • Jeff Strassman, Partner, Audit, Boston
  • Chris Summer, Managing Director, Tax, Charlotte, N.C.
  • Wei Tang, Managing Director, Advisory, Alexandria, Va.
  • Richard Tonge, Principal, Tax, New York
  • Rajesh Tripathi, Managing Director, National Client Services, Metro DC
  • David Wallin, Partner, Audit, Charlotte, N.C.
  • Dianne Wasieleski, Managing Director, Audit, Chicago
  • Jamila Webb, Partner, Audit, Baltimore
  • Michelle Weber, Partner, Tax, Milwaukee, Wis.
  • Lori West, Managing Director, Audit, Iselin, N.J.
  • Jeff White, Partner, Tax, San Francisco
  • Judd Wright, Partner, Audit, Philadelphia

Congrats to all the new partners and principals at Grant Thornton!

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Image: Raysonho /Wikimedia Commons

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