December 12, 2018

EY Promotes 747 New Partners Worldwide

We here at Going Concern have been anxiously awaiting the new EY partners announcement, and it finally came today. The 747 new partners worldwide in the class of 2018 is the most in three years. So, I suppose fireworks were in order:

You can just feel the love for all the new partners from EY Global CEO and Chairman Mark Weinberger:

“This year we are proud to welcome another diverse, high-achieving and sizeable group of new partners. These individuals have reached a major milestone in their career by representing our values, providing quality and innovative services to our clients and ultimately embodying our purpose of building a better working world. Developing dynamic leaders who support our clients and our high-performing teams is an essential part of EY’s success. I congratulate each and every one of the new partners on this well-deserved achievement and I wish them continued success in their careers.”

This year’s class is larger than both the class of 2017 (669) and the class of 2016 (714) but just a tad smaller than the class of 2015 (753).

The Americas has the largest proportion of new partners, with 290 promotions, up from 266 in 2017 and 287 in 2016, but down compared to the 312 new Americas partners in 2015 and 295 in 2014.

Other promotion figures by global region include:

  • Europe, Middle East, India and Africa: 285
  • Asia-Pacific: 137
  • Japan: 35

The Assurance practice once again has the most new partners (264), up from 255 in 2017 and the same number as 2016, but not as many as the 315 in 2015.

Other service line figures by global region include:

  • Tax: 187 (up from 171 in 2017; down from 200 in 2016)
  • Advisory: 174 (up from 154 in 2017, 151 in 2016, and 167 in 2015)
  • Transaction Advisory Services: 106 (up from 78 in 2017, 90 in 2016, and 78 in 2015)
  • Business Support: 16 (up from 11 in 2017, nine in 2016, and 14 in 2015)

EY’s announcement today claims that partners from the emerging markets and audit “continue to represent around a third of all partner promotions respectively, at 32% and 29%.” The firm also states that women represent nearly 30% of newly promoted partners for the past three years. No other details were provided.

As Caleb has mentioned before, EY doesn’t devote a page on its site to their newly promoted partners like PwC does, and it doesn’t provide a list of the new partners’ names. So this is all we’ve got for the time being.

Anyway, nice work, everyone. Now go make the Black and Yellow proud.

Image: Shutterstock/JPstock

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BDO_International.pngAs you probably know, BDO Seidman is having a rough year. Tax shelter prosecutions and trials for the International Global Coordination firm that now falls on the U.S. make for some big liability exposure.
The obvious solution to this conundrum? Spreading the love!

BDO Seidman, LLP, is pleased to announce that 10 new partners have been admitted to the partnership, effective July 1, 2009. Five of the new partners are in the tax practice, four are in the assurance business line and one is in BDO Consulting. BDO Seidman, LLP is a leading national professional services firm providing assurance, tax, financial advisory and consulting services to private and publicly traded businesses.”I am very proud to welcome each of these very deserving individuals to our partnership,” said Jack Weisbaum, CEO of BDO Seidman. “The key to maintaining momentum in our profession is a commitment to recruiting, training and retaining superior client service professionals. Each of these new partners is an example of our commitment to human capital development.”

What are the chances that these new partners are some of the most hated people in the firm? C’mon, $520 million judgment hanging out there, the bigwigs have to be thinking, “well, as long as we’re screwed, we may as well stick it to some people within the firm we don’t like.”
Congrats to the new partners!

BDO Seidman, LLP, Admits 10 New Partners
[BDO Seidman Press Release]

Ernst & Young Is Here to Help (For a Small Fee)!

ernst_young.jpgWe thought that Ernst & Young was advising the New York Fed on the winding down of AIG out of the goodness of their hearts but it turns out it’s actually about the money.
E&Y could make as much as $60 million advising the New York Fed, which is 50% more than the initial agreement, according to Bloomberg. The NYF is also reimbursing E&Y for expenses, up to 10% of the professional fees. This occurs after the parties had initially said $40 million would be the cap but $60 mil is it, we swear, no more.
And because E&Y is solid like that, the firm is billing out partners and directors at discounted rates ($775/hour). I mean, ’cause, let’s face it, this thing’s a mess and E&Y is going to be working hard, working late, working weekends.
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