Meet This Firm: Thomas Howell Ferguson P.A.

Thomas Howell Ferguson

Meet This Firm is a series of video interviews featuring the best accounting employers across the United States for high performing accounting professionals and CPAs. Please enjoy this sponsored post courtesy of Thomas Howell Ferguson P.A., an Accountingfly Firm Partner. Contact Judy Schryver to learn more about firm partnerships.

Michael Kalifel and Allison Harrell are true believers in mid-market firms. Their experiences at Thomas Howell Ferguson P.A. in Tallahassee, FL are why.

Hired right out of Florida State in 2003, Michael made partner about 10 years later. “I never would have been able to have the depth of experience I’ve had if I had chosen to go with a larger firm,” he says. “Here, I’ve been able to help clients in a range of industries and at all stages of the business cycle.”

He’s gained experience providing tax compliance and consulting services to corporate, partnership, not-for-profit, trust, and individual clients. Michael’s clients range from $500 million international corporations to $50,000 local mom-and-pop businesses. “We’re now looking for a 2-8 year tax person to join our team. Whoever comes on board, I can promise an exciting work and great personal support,” he said.

Allison, an audit partner who came to the firm in 2002 and made partner in 2014, says “Three benefits of working with a wide clientele are never being bored, always learning something new and having a real impact on clients’ success. Those three things touch on what drives me both personally and professionally. It’s been a great experience.”

There’s an added perk when working at Thomas Howell Ferguson: Because firm was founded when firm leaders acquired the Tallahassee office of E&Y, the culture intrinsically includes heightened awareness of the importance of good training and up-to-date technology. The leadership also realizes that that the learning and development process is different for everyone, and staffs’ personal development plans are adapted to reflect each particular individual’s interests, pace and style.

“It’s certainly not all work,” said Michael, “That just wouldn’t be a good thing. We are a team, and we work and play that way. We have fun giving back to the community and we have a great time at firm events like our legendary tailgate parties before Seminole games. It’s that combination that makes the firm so special.”

Allison agrees. “People’s personal needs come first. When I first came to the firm, I was pretty carefree. Now I’m the mother of two. Different periods in my life, for sure, and the firm has been supportive throughout. The firm is flexible and accommodating, whether I needed time to go to the gym in the early days or time go to child’s school event now.”

Thomas Howell Ferguson truly is a firm dedicated to Big 4 training and technology with a mid-sized firm commitment to personal and professional development. To learn more about working at this firm, watch our interview with Michael below:

And to hear more about the Tax Manager position they are currently hiring for, watch our video with Allison Harrell below:

To see all current openings with Thomas Howell Ferguson, click here.

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