June 25, 2018

Meet This Firm: HORNE LLP


Meet This Firm is a series of video interviews featuring the best accounting employers across the United States for high performing accounting professionals and CPAs. Please enjoy this sponsored post courtesy of HORNE LLP, an Accountingfly Firm Partner. Contact Judy Schryver to learn more about firm partnerships.

“Creating value and making a difference is our mission,” says Joey Havens, Executive Partner at HORNE LLP. “We believe the sense of belonging we nurture at our firm allows us to harness our individual strengths so we can work better together.” Firm culture can only succeed if it filters down from the top echelons of firm leadership, and the sentiments Joey expressed are felt throughout the firm.

Horne refers to itself as a Wise Firm© —it even copyrighted the name—which refers to the 13 building blocks that are the cornerstones of its culture.

One of those building blocks is “results.” That sounds ordinary until you realize it means, in part, that seniority doesn’t trump results, which means someone on the path to partner can move quickly. Or not. “Belonging” is another of the building blocks. Team members support each other in finding a sense of purpose and empowerment that suits them. There is no one career path at Horne.

Here’s an example of how the firm lives its culture: “We have flextime,” says Senior Manager Lynn Seals, “and that applies to everyone. People think it’s only those with kids who need a flexible schedule, but that’s not true at Horne. My kids are grown now, and the firm continues to support me. Now I take time to care for my 90-year-old mother. It feels wonderful to know the firm has my back, personally and professionally.”

If you are looking for a position at a top 50 firm whose leaders believe their role is providing encouragement, guidance and leadership to clients, team members and communities, Horne may be the place for you. As Senior Manager Mary Kathryn Allen says “I came here thinking I’d stay a few years and then move on to industry. That never happened. I found a workplace that truly is a second home.”

To learn more, watch our full interview below. And to see all current openings at HORNE, click here.

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