January 20, 2019

In Light of Current Events, Ernst & Young Reminds All Personnel That Insider Trading Is a Big No-no

Have you or someone you know considered passing some non-public information to anyone who has access to concert tickets and/or is offering a discount on a timepiece and/or envelopes of cash? If so, the ethics and compliance folks at E&Y are asking that you take few minutes to read this quick refresher:

Internal memorandum 
To:        US personnel        April 12, 2013 
A message regarding insider trading 
The investigation of insider trading violations has been prominent in the US business news again recently. While working at EY, many of you regularly have access to confidential information about our clients and other businesses. As a reminder, it is imperative to our firm and to you personally that you handle confidential information with great care. Trading on confidential or "inside" information, or tipping others to this information, is a violation of our policies and may violate criminal laws. 
Please take the time to review our insider trading global policy linked below. The policy reaffirms our obligation not to trade in securities with insider information, provides greater detail with respect to what insider information is and identifies with whom our people need to consult in the event there are questions regarding the application of this policy to particular situations. 
For those of you who have taken the mandatory Protecting Confidential Information WBL you will recall the section on insider trading. Others, be sure to complete the WBL by the April 30 deadline. 
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact [lawyer, ethics, and compliance types]. And remember, the EY/Ethics Hotline is also available to anonymously report concerns about an ethical, legal or professional issue. 
Seems like as good a time as any to bring it up.

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