September 22, 2018

Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Accountant in Your Life

If you are looking for gift ideas for accountants, we suggest you check this post by CPA Insider. If you are looking for gift ideas for accountants that you can't actually buy, you came to the right place. Here are just a few things we would have liked to see this holiday season for the accountants in our life.

Public Accounting Candles

With scents like Stale Ledger Paper Breeze, Busy Season Depression, and NYE Inventory Count, these candles are sure to please even the pickiest of accountants in your life. There's also a special scent from Ron Baker called The Billable Hour, which burns for exactly one hour. If you would like to enjoy this scent for longer than that even though you paid for the whole candle, you have to pay your invoice first and purchase additional hours.

The Free Water Bottle You Get at Conferences with a Flask Inside

How many of these do you have? I haven't done an inventory count at my apartment lately but I'm guessing I have approximately eleventy billion of them. I just stick them in a cabinet but if they had a REAL use — say, getting liquored up in the middle of the day without anyone realizing I'm getting liquored up — I might actually use them more often.

The Business Casual Onesie

Wearing the same blue shirt every day gets old. What if your favorite accountant could pull on a pajama-like one piece and go about his day? We really wish this existed. The Suitsy is the closest thing to that. We need a biz caj version with a blue shirt and pleated chinos. Someone get on this.

Ironic FASB t-shirts

  • I fair valued before it was cool
  • My other car is an office chair
  • This little piggy marked to market
  • A sleep-deprived unlicensed accountant is my co-pilot

You get it. To cafepress you go! Personally I prefer CustomInk, that's where I got matching  t-shirts for me and my Federal Reserve boyfriend with our last names and respective Fed banks on the back (his was 5, mine was 12, it's a joke about Fed banks you can't possibly understand).

The AICPA Code of Professional Conduct Shock Collar Tie

Do you have invisible fencing for your dog? Then you get how this works.

It's a tie with a shock collar that shocks you any time you are faced with an ethical violation. This might have saved Scott London from making the decisions he did. It's a stylish, work-appropriate tie that zaps your ass if you have an ethical dilemma.Do you have other ideas for last minute accountant gifts? Do let us know. I already have the bottle-opener belt buckle.

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In case you’ve forgotten, KPMG’s bear-building extravaganza is tomorrow and word around the campfire is that everyone is psyched.

At least one office is dedicating the better part of the morning to the “Town Hall” portion of festivities which sounds like it could be a real hoot. We’re guessing there might be a little session regarding stationery controls, given the whole Canopy sitch.

Since all the offices are having their get-downs tomorrow keep us updated throughout the day on anything interesting that comes up.