September 22, 2018

It’s Not Too Late to Apply For the 2014 AICPA Leadership Academy

Your deadline to apply for this year's Leadership Academy is actually May 31, so you have plenty of time left to procrastinate. Of course, if you're the type that would want to attend, then you probably already filled out your application your senior year in high school:

The four-day program engages candidates in a self-examination of leadership, what that means and how it impacts their personal life, their career path, and the CPA profession. The interactive dialogue with the leaders and other Academy participants focuses on the issues currently facing the accounting profession and direction we need to take in order to remain a dynamic and active participant in the global marketplace. Candidates will have peer mentors and be given a unique exposure to the most senior AICPA leaders.

The Academy exposes the next generation of CPAs to a strong ethic of leadership and service while providing them with strategies to forge relationships to expand their competencies and empower them to become leaders within their organizations, communities and the CPA profession.

The event takes place September 28 – October 2, 2014 in Durham, NC. In order to qualify, you need to be a licensed CPA between the ages of 25 – 35 who is a voting AICPA member, a member of your state society of CPAs or "affiliate partner organization," and have at least 3 years experience in the accounting profession.

Consider this one of the most powerful networking events of your early career. If, you know, you're worthy enough to attend.


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