Hugh Jackman’s Excitement for PwC’s Role in Oscar Night Not Shared by the Old Man

We all know that PwC can hardly contain their excitement when talk of the Oscars starts. After all, they've been tabulating the ballots since the events that inspired The Passion of the Christ occurred and they are very proud of that fact.

This year, Hugh Jackman is widely thought to be a favorite for a Best Actor award for his role in Les Misérables and little did anyone know, he has been acutely aware of PwC's role in the awards ceremony.

You see, Jackman's father, Chris Jackman, was a former resident of Papa Whiskey Charlie, so when the two would watch the Oscars together, HJ told The Sun he "used to scream with excitement when the accountants came on at the Oscars. ‘Dad! It’s the accountants! There they are!’ "

The elder Jackman, no doubt nonplussed by this enthusiasm, would then roll his eyes when his son would say, "Dad, one day you are going to be at the Oscars."
Strangely, Hugh's excitement never waned, even as recently when he hosted the Oscars in 2009:
“When I first got invited I had a camera and took a photo of the accountants when they came out on stage. “I sent it to my dad thinking this is about as close as I’m going to get.
Jesus, Wolverine. I think I've lost all respect for you.

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