Happy Birthday, Peter Olinto!

A little birdie told me (OK fine, it was Facebook) that today is Peter Olinto's birthday. My stalking skills aren't what they used to be and the guy obviously has to hide out for a reason (namely CPA exam candidates showing up at his house looking for a little personal tutoring) but we think he's 45 or 46. Whichever it is, happy birthday, big guy!

Peter graduated Magna Cum Laude from Pace University in 1990 and used Becker to pass all four parts of the exam on the first try – bad ass – before he worked as an auditor for Deloitte and earned his JD from Fordham University School of Law in 1995. He then did time as a tax attorney for Ernst & Young and spent almost a decade teaching law, accounting, financial statement analysis, and tax at both the graduate and undergraduate levels at Fordham’s business school. In 1998, Peter began his career at Becker and has been appearing in CPA exam candidates' dreams and nightmares ever since.

In lieu of cake, well wishes may be sent to CPA Man in the comments below.

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