November 21, 2018

Grant Thornton Admits 39 New Partners and Principals

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Who are the new Grant Thornton partners? Glad you asked. The firm announced them earlier today along with new principals and managing directors, as is customary for the Purple Rose of Chicago. If you like to parse these things out, then it breaks down as: 27 partners, 12 principals and 28 managing directors.

In the past, we’ve only tracked the partners and principals, so the 39 in the 2017 class compares to 47 last year, 50 in 2015, 32 in 2014 (GT link is broken and the GC post is inexplicably lost), 30 in 2013, 27 in 2012, 26 in 2011 and 22 in 2010.

Name Title Office Location
Bob Achtstatter Audit Partner Chicago, Ill.
Rob Acuff Audit Partner Dallas, Texas
Ryan Alexander Corporate Tax Managing Director Salt Lake City, Utah
Jin Bahk Partnership Taxation Managing Director Arlington, Va.
Aaron Beason Public Sector Managing Director Alexandria, Va.
Cort Berner Corporate Tax Partner Atlanta, Ga.
Dan Borton Audit Partner Cincinnati. Ohio
Ryan Brady Accounting Principles Partner Chicago, Ill.
Bradley Chadwick Transaction Services Principal Chicago, Ill.
Warren Clark Professional Standards Group Partner Detroit, Mich.
Tom Coley Income/Franchise Tax Partner Charlotte, N.C.
Charles Curran Attest Services Managing Director Philadelphia, Pa.
Micah Dekofsky Audit Partner Los Angeles, Calif.
Christopher DeMartini Audit Partner Stamford, Conn.
Colleen Duffy Technology Solutions Managing Director New York, N.Y.
Elizabeth Epstein Office of the Chief Legal Officer Managing Director Chicago, Ill.
Graeme Finley Public Sector Principal Sacramento, Calif.
Eric Floriani Audit Partner Cleveland, Ohio
Chris Franklin Audit Partner Dallas, Texas
Charles Gallman Corporate Finance Managing Director Charlotte, N.C.
Emilie Guilbaud Controls Advisory Principal Irvine, Calif.
Kyle Hansen Audit Partner Minneapolis, Minn.
David Head Strategic Accounts Managing Director Charlotte, N.C.
Donna Hebson Corporate Tax Managing Director Seattle, Wash.
Neil Hewko Tax Accounting and Risk Advisory Services Managing Director Irvine, Calif.
Amanda Hurley Audit Partner San Jose, Calif.
Jennifer Jones Attest Services Principal Raleigh, N.C.
Tom Joseph Strategy & Performance Improvement Principal Charlotte, N.C.
Alan Jutras Audit Managing Director Boston, Mass.
Heather Karpawich Audit Managing Director Philadelphia, Pa.
Jessica Knott Audit Partner San Francisco, Calif.
Matthew Lavery Technology Solutions Managing Director Overland Park, Kan.
Adam Lehmann Tax Accounting and Risk Advisory Services Partner Hartford, Conn.
Michelle Lehmann Audit Strategy & Operations Managing Director Chicago, Ill.
Geoffrey Luiz Public Sector Partner Arlington, Va.
Jeff Martin Tax Partner Washington, D.C.
Bridget McCann Income/Franchise Tax Managing Director Iselin, N.J.
Kathleen McLaughlin Audit Partner Philadelphia, Pa.
Chris Melella Strategy & Performance Improvement Managing Director Dallas, Texas
John Miksich Technology Solutions Principal Atlanta, Ga.
Daniel Mills Technology Solutions Managing Director Overland Park, Kan.
Mike Notarangelo Audit Partner Hartford, Conn.
Chris Oatis Income/Franchise Tax Managing Director Orlando, Fla.
Tessa O’Keefe Tax Accounting and Risk Advisory Services Partner Los Angeles, Calif.
Jaime Onk Audit Managing Director Cleveland, Ohio
Paul Peterson Forensic Advisory Services Partner Arlington, Va.
Amy Pope Assurance Risk Management Partner Tampa, Fla.
Kyle Reid Diligence Partner Houston, Texas
Cory Rogers Forensic Advisory Services Managing Director Charlotte, N.C.
Ethan Rojhani Controls Advisory Partner Denver, Colo.
Adam Ross Controls Advisory Principal Philadelphia, Pa.
Frank Saavedra-Lim Operations Risk Managing Director Charlotte, N.C.
Nick Saracco Controls Advisory Principal Chicago, Ill.
Paul Seckar Public Sector Principal Alexandria, Va.
John Seidensticker Corporate Finance Managing Director Denver, Colo.
David Simprini Public Sector Principal Alexandria, Va.
Elizabeth Sloan Audit Methodology & Standards Managing Director Oak Brook Terrace, Ill.
Tim Smith International Tax Partner Minneapolis, Minn.
Adam Steinmetz Tax Partner San Diego, Calif.
Deron Stoecklein Technology Solutions Principal Overland Park, Kan.
Kevin Stoutermire Controls Advisory Managing Director Detroit, Mich.
Stephen Thome Health Care Advisory Principal Cleveland, Ohio
Kyle Turner Corporate Finance Managing Director Dallas, Texas
Denece Van Pelt Corporate Tax Managing Director Tulsa, Okla.
Brandon Vaughn Audit Methodology & Standards Managing Director Charlotte, N.C.
Michael Wagoner Technology Strategy & Management Managing Director Chicago, Ill.
Brian Wolohan Audit Methodology & Standards Partner Arlington, Va.

The advisory business claimed the most newbies with 42 percent, followed by audit (34 percent), tax (21 percent), and internal client services (3 percent). Twenty-three percent of the new class is women, up from 21 percent last year.

Congratulations to all the new Grant Thornton partners! May you bill happily ever after.

Image: Raysonho /Wikimedia Commons

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