November 13, 2018

Say Hello to Gigs, Our New Home for Accounting Jobs

Hey there, notice anything different? Whoa, wait, that was like six months ago. I have to start paying closer attention to the calendar.

Yes, Going Concern’s new look isn’t so new anymore, but we are still working behind the scenes to continue to make it better. Today we’re sharing a new resource in our Careers section called Gigs.

For those of you not so good at finding things, here:

gigs launch

(Yes, we know that you’re always in the Salaries area.)

Gigs will house accounting job listings with employers who are partnering with Going Concern. These are positions of all kinds; some are full-time, some are freelance, some are remote, some are not. The point is, we’re hand-selecting unique and interesting job opportunities that these employers have to offer to share with you.

“What’s the point,” you ask? In short, we’d like to build a careers resource for accounting professionals that doesn’t suck. We want to bring you interesting jobs in your area of the country. That’s not always easy to do because the best jobs aren’t widely advertised. So part of the purpose of Gigs will be to create geo-targeted email lists for select cities. We’ve started building these lists for accountants that currently work in eight major metro areas. You can sign up for the one where you currently live or are maybe interested in, and you’ll receive updates from us when new opportunities pop up in those cities.

So to recap — we have some jobs, and we have some email lists. Take a look around, and if you see a job that looks intriguing, apply! If you want to subscribe to one of the lists we’re building, great! But if nothing’s of interest, NBD. Maybe there’ll be something of interest in the future, so check back. We’ll be listing new jobs regularly, including those with public accounting firms, industry positions, full-time and freelance and more.

As always, I’m mostly to blame for all this, so I’m happy to field feedback and questions. You can send them to [email protected] or leave them in the comments.

Thanks for supporting Going Concern and thanks for checking out Gigs.

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