Footnotes: Prepare to Be Fired; More Hoteling-Only Offices; Proud Trolls | 10.07.14

What to Do When You Are the Subject of Office Gossip [WSJ]

Warren Buffett on Clinton 2016: 'Hillary is going to win' Buffett has offered his support to Clinton in the past, including in his third tweet on Twitter in 2013. “Hello @Hillaryclinton,” he wrote. “Happy to welcome one of my favorite women in the world to twitter. #45.” The number 45, of course, suggests his belief that the former Secretary of State and First Lady would be elected as the next U.S. president after Barack Obama. He even added that he’d be willing to bet money on it. [Fortune]

It’s Official: AIs are now re-writing history [Robert Elliott Smith]

How to Prepare to Be Fired [AWEB]

Ernst & Young opens new 'hoteling' office at Fort Worth's Sundance Square "We want to empower our people to work in whatever way is most appropriate for delivering exception client service," Stone said, in a statement. "'Hoteling' is a big part of that flexibility." [DBJ]

I'm an Internet Troll and Proud of It [BloombergView]


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