Footnotes: Lerner’s Thoughts on Crazies; Mad Scientists or Auditors?; Bank of America Hustled Itself | 07.30.14

Fed offers a dual message on health of US economy They are harder to understand than your wife when she's upset [WaPo]

Argentina is in "selective default," here's what that means [BBW]

Emails show ex-IRS official Lerner using derogatory terms for Republicans Terms like "assholes" and "crazies" [Fox]

Can you believe Greg gives away this wisdom for FREE? [Twitter]

Reason wants to know if Burning Man can survive Grover Norquist [Reason]

Do you mean to say there is a difference? [Twitter]

Bank of America ordered to pay $1.27 billion in 'Hustle' fraud case A federal judge on Wednesday ordered Bank of America to pay $1.27 billion of damages after a federal jury found the second-largest U.S. bank liable for fraud over defective mortgages sold by its Countrywide unit. [Reuters]

So, apparently a lot of would-be lawyers experienced the worst bar exam mishap of all time This should make you feel better about your last hiccup at Prometric [ATL]

SEC Considering Former Deloitte Official for Top Accounting Job Who better to guard the hen house than a fox? [WSJ]

Drone carrying cellphones, marijuana and other contraband crashes outside South Carolina maximum-security prison I can't believe that didn't work [Daily Mail]

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