August 22, 2018

This EY Shilling Is Brought to You By Forbes

Forbes — corporate shilling factory and low-grade financial "journalism" disguised as a magazine for rich people — has a new writer. Yes they already have 10,000 bloggers on every subject known to man but they added another. Only it's not a writer, it's a firm and it's not journalism, it's EY corporate speak.

Forbes explains its BrandVoice™ (that's their ™, not ours) as "an integrated and by-invitation content-sharing platform that enables marketers to join the conversation with their own narrative and expertise." So, basically, pay us money, shill as hard as you want, and be like "hey guys, we're in Forbes!"

In EYVoice, EY Contributor posts about Millennials. How many EY has, how EY caters to them, how many of them are managers and senior managers at EY. EY Contributor sure likes talking about EY, but that's to be expected when EY takes out a 580 word ad. Man, this is only 580 words? Maybe it's the massive font or the authoritative bullet points but it feels longer than that.

This particular article is allegedly written by EY Global Diversity & Inclusiveness Officer Karyn Twaronite, because no one is going to think EY Contributor is trustworthy but that lady sounds like she has a most legit title so this we can trust, right?

Let's see what this is all about:

Millennials. Gen Y. Names for this generation may vary, but its impact is clear: Gen Y has entered the workforce and is rapidly rising toward leadership.

Today, we are managing a truly multigenerational workforce comprising not only Gen Y, but Gen X and baby boomers too. As three generations converge, a unique workplace dynamic has emerged.

To help quantify these management shifts and provide context for managing the workplace generational mix, EY surveyed more than 1,200 US cross-company professionals with a close eye on millennial managers.

SWEET! Another survey! I bet this one will be so much more insightful than the last 100 surveys I've read this year.

Gen Y (ages 18 to 32 in our study, with Gen X defined as ages 33 to 48 and baby boomers ages 49 to 67) is expected to account for more than one-third of the US workforce this year. At EY, we’re tracking ahead of the trend in the Americas.

  • 59% of EY managers are Gen Y, as are 18% of our senior managers.
  • We’ve even seen the first millennials elected to the EY partnership.

This proves that management is no longer a destination they hope to reach “someday.” They’ve arrived. And they are standing side by side with Gen X.

I could have sworn I read a survey recently that said Millennials don't give a Rainbow Brite about reaching management level but maybe I'm getting my surveys mixed up.

And then there's this:

The EY study also debunks allegations of “ambition gaps” among women and millennials:

  • Women (8%) and men (7%) nearly equally valued promotions across all generations.
  • Gen Y women (16%) valued them the most, followed by Gen Y men (10%).
  • Gen Y respondents were significantly more likely to prefer promotions (13%) than Gen X (5%) and boomers (4%).

Less than 10% of all individuals value promotions? THAT'S your story, EY, not this fellatious rambling about how you promote people in their 30s to manager (I mean duh, who else is going to be a manager?).

We anticipate EY will continue to provide high quality advertising content about EY in that space.

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Jennifer Gilbert won her EYEY in 1998 for her business, Save the Date, “A dedicated force of event planners who are in tune with the constantly evolving world of corporate events.” She’s even in the EYEY Hall of Fame. Jesus, this thing has a HoF?
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