December 12, 2018

EY Is No Longer Blocking Sports Websites Just in Time for Football Season

Forget pleasing their audit overlords at the PCAOB, EY focuses on the important stuff according to our tipster:

FYI, EY stopped blocking sports websites.  Just in time for fantasy football.  Maybe a good time to make jokes about how this is so important because most employees don't have time to browse the internet away from the office.

Thanks for setting the joke up for us but actually, we already made the joke. In fact, EY's dismal PCAOB inspection report is the joke. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

The blocking of sports websites is nothing new, and sometimes it happens temporarily because there are important firm-wide issues to cover and only so much bandwidth to go around, as was the case with this Lehman Brothers webcast back in 2010. Remember Lehman Brothers? That client you used to have but don't because they went belly under and almost took the entire financial system with them? Yeah, that. But hey, as long as you were able to catch up on March Madness, all's right in the world.

Listen, if fantasy football is that critical to your well-being, why the hell do you need your company issued computer to swap defensive players or whatever it is you fantasy football people do? Surely you could do all this from the tiny, magical device that fits in your pocket and holds the entire Internet inside of it?

Anyway, this is the good news for today. I mean, good for people who work at EY. Audit clients? Not so much.


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