September 26, 2018

EY Celebrates Its Second Year as the Most Attractive Professional Services Employer

Did someone say attractive? No, I don't mean attractive young men in various states of undress, I mean attractive, as in if you have to work in professional services, I guess working for EY will do.

So every year, Universum conducts this study, asking business students from the world's most prestigious schools which employer they haven't even worked for is the most attractive. The World’s Most Attractive Employer is the result and once again, EY came out on top.

Before you ask, why yes, of course there is a press release celebrating this achievement:

Petter Nylander, Universum’s Global CEO, says:

“It's clear that EY truly understands what talented people want from their career. By being consistent and very active in communicating a relevant message globally that resonates with their ideal target talent group, I am not surprised to see EY ranked number one in the professional services industry and number two overall in the World’s Most Attractive Employers 2014 rankings among business students.”

EY Global Chairman and CEO Mark Weinberger is excited too, because who doesn't love a little free press?

“Our purpose at EY is to build a better working world for our 190,000-strong workforce. We are committed to investing in great people and developing inclusive leaders who can build the highest performing teams across the globe. As we continue to build a distinctive brand through our people, it’s an honor once again to feature so highly in this influential ranking.”

EY did not just rank the highest among professional services employers, but all employers. The only employer more attractive than EY, according to Universum, is Google. GOOGLE. Now, check out this Top 5:

WOW. Do you mean to tell me business students hold the Big 4 in high regard? I would have never known that without this survey.

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Deloitte’s survey that states that American consumers are planning on spending less this back-to-school season causes us to speculate as to why the Big D would do such a survey? It’s a nice little press release we suppose. Shows that the firm is plugged into the current state of the economy, etc., etc. But then we got to thinking about how Heelys, the obnoxious shoes with wheels, recently dumped Deloitte because their fees were too high in favor of Grant Thornton.
Far be it from us to speculate about the temperament of a Big 4 accounting firm when it has business swiped away by a second-tier firm but isn’t it possible that Deloitte is bitter about the whole sitch? Isn’t it possible that Deloitte is merely putting out this survey as a way to scare consumers out of spending money on back-to-school junk like Heelys?
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Your Firm Has Questions. Answer Them Here

E&Y’s global survey has rolled out and we’ve obtained a list of questions that Ersnters are being asked.
After the jump, we’ve presented a partial list for feedback on your respective firm.

Since the standard “Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, or Strongly Disagree” format doesn’t tell the whole story (and are pretty boring), we’re asking you to pick your favorite(s) and give your full answer in the comments.
• I have the time I need to deliver quality work.
• People at the Firm are held accountable for their performance.
• If I had a question or concern about the way we conduct business, I would not hesitate seeking advice or reporting my concerns.
• People I work with inspire others to do great things at the Firm.
• I understand the measures used to evaluate my performance.
• I am rewarded appropriately for the work I do.
• I believe my pay and performance are linked.
• I trust the information I receive from leadership.
• Leadership does a good job of explaining the reasons behind major decisions.
• I rarely think about looking for a new job with another company.
Be honest. Please. If you don’t see your favorite, submit it in the comments along your response.