Ex-Deloitte Manager Shares New Venture with 182,000 (Give or Take) of His Closest Colleagues

Yesterday we shared a travesty of a farewell email that defies all professional etiquette and common decency. Later today we'll give you some pointers for crafting a farewell email that doesn't annoy everyone, but for now we have Exhibit B for self-serving, over-sharing accountants who seek greener pastures:

Hello Everyone,
After five and a half fantastic years working for Deloitte in London, I am moving on into the exciting world of entrepreneurship! I have launched an online business called www.bombaypink.com, retailing womenswear collections from young designers based in India and the UK.
It has been an amazing experience to get to know and work with you all. [smiley emoticon]
At first glance this seems harmless. An entrepreneur! Hey, good for you, that's admirable. Sure, it's a little shameless that he's basically trying to solicit co-workers' business, but hey you gotta start somewhere.  But as we mentioned, there's a catch. Our tipster informs:
[He emailed it] to everyone in the ENTIRE global network.  
Sure, I suppose this makes sense to send to Deloitte professionals in, say, the Cedar Rapids or Camp Hill offices. They've most certainly been waiting for just the right opportunity to pick up that perfect sari.

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