November 13, 2018

Deloitte or KPMG?

A query from the mailbag:

Hi there

I am currently based in the UK – I have been offered the role of assistant manager by two of the big four firms – Deloitte and KPMG

I am having a hard time trying to decide which one I would like to go for, they both offer:

  • The role of assistant manager in corporate audit
    Both are based in the same area, and have a similar range and size of clients
    Both interviews were pretty good and both the senior managers and the partners were very friendly.
    Both offer a very similar remuneration package, with one offering slightly more but the other offering a slightly more rewarding pension.
  • Essentially all of the above make it very difficult for me to decide which offer I would want to take.

I guess my question here is about the view that other forum members have about both of these firms. In consideration of the above, and based on the firms and their reputation and recognition, which would you be more inclined to choose?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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