Here’s Your Open Thread for Deloitte Compensation Discussions (2017)

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Apologies to all the Deloitte compensation junkies out there experiencing withdrawal symptoms. We received this tip awhile back and, judging by the timing, many of you are anxious to yak about what’s going on:

The national call was today and comp talks with partners won’t be happening until after 8/17. The raises take effect in early September.

We checked in with our tipster earlier this week and got an update:

[C]omp discussions have begun, colleagues’ sentiment has been mixed so far.

I think more than any other Big 4 firm, Deloitte projects the attitude that it is the panacea to all of business’s challenges. It’s the only firm that didn’t shed its consulting business in the early 2000s, so it has the benefit of continuity in its business while the rest of the firms spent the last decade-and-a-half rebuilding their consulting practices.

These days, Deloitte’s consulting services overshadows its still massive and fiercely competitive audit and tax practices. I don’t know if the accountants — tax, audit, advisory or otherwise — feel overshadowed by all the non-accounting things Deloitte does, but as time goes on, it’s likely that the firm will be even less accounting-service centric than it is now.

But don’t worry, Deloitte accountants, GC will never forget you! Your smug attitude about the superiority of your firm has nothing to do with what you do on a day-to-day basis, but that’s okay, you still deserve a place to talk about your compensation and whether it’s generous, adequate or soul-crushingly mediocre.

Anyway, forget all that, here’s the stuff everyone wants to know:

  • Position, promotion (if applicable)
    City (preferred) or region
    Line of Service
    % Raise
    % Bonus (if any)
    Old & New Base

Happy days are here, Green Dots. Right?

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