Decode This Statement on Diversity and We Will Give You a Cookie

A virtual cookie, anyway:

PwC is well known for embracing and celebrating different viewpoints and is a leading champion for diversity. We have found that diverse perspectives improve problem solving, cultural dexterity, strategic thinking, and ultimately (because we produce a stronger product) our bottom line.

The statement comes from "Different Perspectives Benefit the Bottom-line," written for LinkedIn by PwC Principal-in-Charge of U.S. Government, Regulatory Affairs & Public Policy Laura Cox Kaplan (who, btw, could totes be in a Washingtonian photo spread).

While we're complaining about the jargon, may I ask to what product are they referring? Professional services firms don't make anything. Or, as enemy of the billable hour and champion of value pricing Ron Baker is wont to say "There is a Chinese Proverb that teaches the beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names.  Your people are not assets, resources, or inventory, but human capital investors seeking a decent return on their investment."

Let's forget that for the moment though and focus on the gibberish. Cultural dexterity? What does that even mean? Anyone who can figure it out gets a special hat (it's shaped like a cone and made out of paper) and a cookie on us.

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