June 25, 2018

Crowe Horwath Has More to Offer Than Wearing Jeans All Day

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Last year, Crowe Horwath LLP broke all the rules with its mobility strategy launching its “What to Wear” and “Where to Work” initiatives. It was one of the first top ten accounting firms to allow its people to wear casual clothing any day of the week and allow its people to make decisions as to where it’s most convenient for them to work. Crowe personnel get to determine where they will be most productive given the nature of the work to be completed – whether that’s in the office, at home or from another remote location.

Crowe leaders believe it is important to give personnel choices as to where they work so they can better manage work/life needs. Additionally, when Crowe individuals are in the office and not directly working with external clients, they can dress more comfortably while doing so. Crowe team members are trusted to deliver exceptional services to clients – regardless of what they wear or where they work.

Over the past year, Crowe has been recognized on six best workplaces lists by Fortune and Great Place to Work including Fortune’s Best Workplaces in Consulting & Professional Services, Fortune’s 50 Best Workplaces for Parents and Fortune’s Best Workplaces for Giving Back.

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In addition to the What to Wear and Where to Work policies, other initiatives frequently attributed by personnel as reasons Crowe is a great place to work include:

  • A proven innovation road map. Building upon a strong foundation of deep industry specialization and technical knowledge, Crowe professionals follow this road map to cultivate original, practical solutions that help address their clients’ most pressing challenges. Each year, Crowe invests about two percent of firm revenue in new product development funding to develop ideas its people bring forward. A team that focuses on new product development collaborates with accomplished software developers to bring solutions to life. Together, they apply technology to help clients manage complex processes and regulatory requirements. Additionally, the Crowe Horwath Idea Portal provides a means for people to bring forth ideas to help improve internal processes at the firm, such as how to streamline procedures, save time, reduce costs, increase productivity or boost morale.
  • Community service opportunities. Crowe’s community service policies allow personnel time to support not-for-profit organizations that they care about. Unlike other firms, Crowe does not accept grant requests directly from not-for-profits. Grant requests only come from Crowe people, ensuring that firm dollars directly support not-for-profits where personnel volunteer. In the firm’s fiscal year ending March 31, 2017, Crowe people provided 23,000 hours of volunteer community services, equivalent to the work of 16 full-time employees for charitable organizations. Altogether, the firm and its personnel contributed $1.65 million of charitable giving in fiscal year 2017.

According to Crowe personnel feedback on the Great Place to Work survey, individuals also give high marks on:

  • Autonomy — 96% of Crowe people said they are given a lot of responsibility
  • Challenging work — 98% of Crowe people surveyed say they are often or always enjoying new, challenging projects.
  • Pride in organization — 94% of Crowe people say they would be proud to tell others they work for Crowe.

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Whether you come to Crowe for the comfort and flexibility, the innovative culture, the community investment support or the engaging work, we think you’ll stay for a lifelong career.

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Andy Hofner is the Talent Acquisition Assistant Director for Crowe Horwath LLP. You can connect with him on LinkedIn. For more information on Crowe Horwath and its career opportunities, please visit Crowe Careers.

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Crowe_Horwath_2c_lo.jpgCrowe Horwath either has some shrewd auditors working there or they need to work on their people skills because First Place Financial Corp. just kicked their asses to the curb over irreconcilable differences.
The whole thing came down to the “material weakness” versus “significant deficiency” debate you auditors love so much.
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From the 8-K:

On September 1, 2009, Crowe notified the Company that it was its opinion that the Company had not maintained effective internal control over financial reporting as of June 30, 2009. This was in contrast to Management’s opinion that it had maintained effective internal control over financial reporting as of June 30, 2009. After subsequent discussions, the disagreement remained. The essence of the disagreement concerns a single internal control weakness which resulted in an error in valuing loans held for sale as of June 30, 2009. Crowe determined that this internal control weakness was a material weakness while the Company determined that this internal control weakness was a significant deficiency.

The shitty control in question missed an error that overstated loans held for sale by $2.17 million and understated the net loss for fiscal 2009 by $1.41 million. Crowe said that this was cause for the material weakness and First said nonsense poopy-pants, it’s not material, so it’s a significant deficiency.
Well, it was obviously mule vs. mule because First Place’s audit committee ultimately decided that firing Crowe on Tuesday was the best course of action.
Maybe First Place are the assholes. WTFK, really? Whatever the problems, KPMG gets the pleasure now. If you’ve got any further information on this one, want discuss MW/SD (vomit) or just feel like speculating, discuss in the comments.
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