July 19, 2018

A CPA’s Incomplete 2018 Busy Season Prep To-Do List

cpa prepare busy season tax cut jobs act
  1. Cut holiday vacation short to read the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
  2. Implement “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” charge code.
  3. Cram 40 hours of CPE into 4 days.
  4. Stare at children to remember their faces.
  5. Document rationale for becoming a corporation.
  6. Refill Zoloft prescription.
  7. Write farewell emails to non-profit clients.
  8. Stock up on bubble wrap.
  9. Think about what it really means to be a “personal service business.”  
  10. Call moving company (applies to Calif., Conn., N.J., N.Y. only).
  11. Ask divorce lawyer if things are on track to be wrapped up in 2018.
  12. Patch things up with spouse after learning the divorce lawyer is booked until 2019.
  13. Slap together some last-minute cybersecurity policies.
  14. Reassure clients that their personal data is totally safe.
  15. Drink heavily.    

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Firms Sponsoring Golfers – An Analysis

Accounting firms don’t do much advertising. It’s got something to do with ethics and since the CPA exam is ancient history for some we can’t talk specifics.
Firms do like to sponsor stuff related to golf. Tournaments, players, etc. One recipient of accounting firm cash has been widely followed here but now we recently discovered another firm sponsoree that, we feel, may rouse as loyal of a following as Phil.
natalie.jpgThis is Natalie Gulbis who is sponsored by RSM McGladrey.
Natalie works with RSM in partnering with the Special Olympics Golf Program and will be a contributor to RSM’s new golf blog.
We’re not really into golf so we can’t really debate who has a better game or who garners better exposure for their sponsor so, after the jump, we’ve presented a more superficial analysis:

phil-mickelson.jpgnatatlie 2.jpg
We admit that we know nothing about promotion or advertising but if you’ve got opinions on which firm seems to have found the better golfer to sponsor, discuss in the comments.

McGladrey & Pullen Might Want to Think This Whole Divorce Thing Over

gulbis3.jpgThe accounting firm soap opera between McGladrey & Pullen and RSM McGladrey continues as RSM has filed notice terminating the two firms’ agreement and, under no circumstances, will they allow M&P to come crawling back to them without RSM’s involvement.
This was all included in a filing with the SEC, made by H&R Block, who is obviously the pimp in this whole love triangle.
Personally, M&P should probably consider going back to RSM’s sorry ass just to take advantage of the Natalie Gulbis exposure.
Judging by the firm’s response to our earlier mistake, they won’t be listening to us. Poor thing is caught in middle of this whole mess. Natalie, if you ever need to talk, don’t hesitate.
RSM McGladrey wants say in any reconciliation with McGladrey & Pullen [KCBJ]