Starting in October, You Can Grab a Pint at a Real English Pub After the CPA Exam

English pub

Congratulations, unlicensed U.S. expats in Europe, beginning October 1 you no longer have to head to Bahrain to take the CPA exam.

According to an announcement from the AICPA, NASBA, and Prometric, nine Prometric locations across the pond will offer CPA exam testing for qualified applicants.

  • Bristol, London, and Manchester (England)
  • Edinburgh (Scotland)
  • Cork and Dublin (Ireland)
  • Berlin, Frankfurt, and Munich (Germany)

“The U.S. license has global value, and there’s a large presence of multinational companies and major firms in this part of the world,” said Michael Decker, vice president of examinations for the AICPA. “You add all that up, and … it’s a smart thing to do to work with NASBA and Prometric to administer the exam there.”

The last time they opened up international CPA exam candidate testing it went off without a hitch, so we don’t foresee any significant hiccups this time. At least not any hiccups unique to international testing; existing hiccups CPA exam candidates are already more than familiar with still apply.

International candidates must still meet all requirements of the state in which they apply. It’s expected 300 candidates per year will take advantage of testing in each European country in which it’s offered.

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