September 23, 2018

CPA Exam Candidates (and Trolls): Join Us For a Live Chat on 1/31

My colleague came up with the bright idea to start doing live chats, which we hope will end up being kind of like Reddit AMAs except with people directly or tangentially related to accounting.

Lucky me, I get to kick things off with a CPA exam-centric chat on 1/31. The grilling starts promptly at 1pm EST.

Ask me how your school did on the CPA exam, how CPA review companies come up with their pass rates, how to come up with a study plan… whatever. Don't ask me about my flair but I'm up for just about anything else as long as it's somewhat on topic. If you'd like to submit questions ahead of time, feel free to email and anything we don't get to in an hour may be addressed in future posts.

For those of you who have long put the CPA exam behind you and could not possibly care less about any of this, we're trying to set some of these chats up with real people in the future – if there's someone you'd love to see us try to subject to your badgering, let us know and we'll attempt to bribe them into participating. Barry Melancon doesn't return our calls so that's probably out.


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